ACME Fake Lyric Generator

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The ACME Fake Lyric Generator

Generated the Fake Lyrics for DAIKENKAI YAY!. The ACME Fake Lyric Generator only has one major bug - if hit in just the right spot by an object with a pointy edge (such as The Sun in DAIKENKAI YAY!), it will glitch up and display fake lyrics from other Animutations.

In Bakkwo: Part of the Souls 1, a new version of the ACME Fake Lyric Generator labeled "ACME Fake Lyric Generator Supernova" made its first appearance. This new version features improved interfacing, more accurate Mondegreens, doesn't glitch up when hit by stuff, features a brand new display font, and even includes an Hyakugojyuuichi parody in its system software! (Generating Lyrics - Please do not read this text)