Bakkwo: Part of the Souls 1

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Bakkwo: Part of the Souls 1
You're an idiot if you disagree, you gotta get crushed by Hyakugojyuuichi!
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Author: KKyuubi
Release Date: May 21, 2006
File Size: 1.26 MB
Duration: 1:35
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
Ba Kkwo
Genre: K-Pop
Language: Korean


In his 4th Animutation, KKyuubi brings us pure randomness.


Notable Props



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Now you've poisoned boys, boot rush, you, now I crush Chiu!
Analyzin' my brain, my gosh he's choking Saddam!

Lemme go kill everybody, lemme go spit on your body!
You're too fat for me body, You EAT you can't touch my body!!

Ma cooked dad some Zippy onions,
Dad threw me so that my body's sore
All them moogles need a somethin' dig a somethin' ugly raw.

Can your daddy eat a guava raw?
Well you so bunchin hooter idiot
Ma says go, ya gotta jog with the women, I don't care!

Ma says God is coming for your soul,
Together, ya better take the country mile.
Night is falling cause its booyah hello Easy needs a star

Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, No instant car!
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Surrender now!
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, No Reeses now!
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, He's standing there.
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, No instant car
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Surrender now
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, No Reeses now
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo,
So standing standing for Bakkwo

Thought it was a must to trust you, now I crush you
Analyzin' my brain, Lee Jung Hyun saga
Nuheui gashikjuhkin sarang nareul dashi saranghagil barae
Naega dashi doolaogil barae? geuruhm dashi bagoogil barae

Modoo jejangshini aniya dadeul michyuhkagoman issuh
Uhneu noogool miduh uhjjimiduh nuhneun motmiduh nooga noogool

Han yuhjaeui jinan kwaguhka wae yongsuhbadji mothal iriya
Modeun guhshi byuhnhaebuhryuhssuh yejeneui naro chakgakhajima
Nareul buhrin guhseul hoohoihaedo imi neujussuh

Bakkwo bakkwo bakkwo modeunguhl da bakkwo bakkwo bakkwo
Sarangeul da bakkwo bakkwo bakkwo guhjiseun da bakkwo bakkwo

Bakkwo bakkwo bakkwo modeunguhl da bakkwo bakkwo bakkwo bakkwo
Sarangeul da bakkwo bakkwo bakkwo bakkwo guhjiseun da bakkwo bakkwo
Bakkwo bakkwo sesangeul da bakkwo

Audio Details


  • The message "Just what I need for IIDX, an LED Dance Floor!" is an obscure reference to the Bemanistyle community.
  • Messages that come up next to Homer's Brain:
    • Small, Very Small
    • D'OH!
    • Look, I found a Hobo in his room!
    • Back Bone, I mean, forget it! All your base are belong to us!
  • The title of this movie is a parody of the engrished full title of Canon-D on Pump it Up written on its background "Canon-D: Part of the Memories 1"
  • Right Click and click Play at the end to view the Breloom Dance clip again.
  • Messages on the Lyric Box during the opening:
    • Welcome to ACME Fake Lyric Generator Supernova! Please type song title: BAKKWO is typed out
    • ~Generating Lyrics~ Do Not Read This Text
    • Commence Playback Now? YES is typed out
    • Lyrics Begin
  • On June 12th, 2006, all of KKyuubi's current animutations were modified to have working control buttons and a timer bar. This one contains a circle timer simliar to the one in The Japanese Pokerap 2
  • During an additional update the next day, some extra secret messages and changes were made:
    • Jesus H. Christ has been replaced by the Random Pokerap Guy in his Jesus H. Christ costume
    • After the "Do the Breloom" scene, a secret message in the Wingding's font appears stating "OMG! PONIES!"
    • During the final chorus, the "You Love This" secret message has been changed to "GAHBUNGA!"
    • Lyrics have been centered because of the new timer
    • The timer pointer now matches the orange circle
    • The right click easter egg now has a statement regarding the Breloom as the hottest dance craze.
    • A Boxing Glove on a Stick now punches the Hooters Idiots.
  • References to other animutations
  • This is the first ever animutation by KKyuubi to be uploaded to Newgrounds, but it got blammed within 200 votes, having a score of 1.28/5.00 when it was blammed.

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