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The Poiuytic Scale is a way of ranking the complexity of an animutation, taking into consideration the great variety of substyles within this genre — compare The Japanese Pokerap with Wizard Power, for example. It is named for its inventor, Lurch Poiuyt (who later contributed to The Fingertips Project using his real name, Eric Fleck). In an October 2004 post to the Animutation Mailing List, Poiuyt explained it:

So we now have two extremes...
-10 = very raw looking
+10 = very complex looking
I tend to like the stuff on both ends of this scale.
How to make an Internet Cartoon - Tutorial would be a -8, Irrational Exuberance would be around 0 and Chocolate Niblet Beans would be a +8. (this doesn't have anything to do with humour, it's just the style...)
Stuff on the positive end tends to take months to complete, while stuff on the negative end can be thrown together in a matter of hours. But this has nothing to do with how much anyone will like the Animutation. A +7 can be made that NO ONE cares for, if it's not funny. A -6 can be made that EVERYONE likes... it depends on the content. Pokerap anybody?

To summarize, the scale is between -10 and +10, rating the complexity of a movie, not the humor. A revised scale might be multidimensional, including factors other than complexity.

Fanimutations sorted by Complexity

There is a page for how complex all the flash movies with a known Poiuytic scale number: