Chocolate Niblet Beans

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Chocolate Niblet Beans
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Full Title: Chocolate Niblet Beans
Subtitle: How Bob Got His Grove Back
Author: Toxic AKA Bob Barker
Release Date: September 18, 2004
File Size: 3.6 MB
Duration: 3:21
Complexity: 8
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Anime Bob, Falcor The Luck Dragon
Audio Info
Bicycle Race (Plus-Tech Squeezebox Remix)
Artist: Naivepop or Petitfool
Album: 1, 2, 3, DARTS!
Genre: Shibuya-Kei, Ska-Punk
Language: Japanese
That's How I Beat Shaq
Artist: Aaron Carter
Album: Aaron's Party
Genre: Pop
Language: English


One of the higher rating Animutations on the Poiuytic Scale (8), Chocolate Niblet Beans shook the entire Animutation industry by being the debut of Randomutation, essentially an animation fragment that gets replaced randomly by something else. A prime example of this is extremely early in the animutation, the text below ZZ Top changes every time you watch it. Some of the 'something-elses' in CNB appear more rarely than others, the prime example being the ultra-rare stand-in for Sailor Spoon...


Bob, by the power of Spoon Power, is transformed into Anime Bob and assumedly gets his Groove back. Bob begins parading around with Pop'n Fresh and Mr. Banzai with blue hair, cameos in an animutational scene of The Powerpuff Girls, and in the form of Sailor Spoon, he defeats Saskatchewan. Then he proceeds to "cameo" in many different popular flash animations, including Potter Puppet Pals, Weebl and Bob, and Salad Fingers, only to be held up by Rafiki from the Lion King in the same way he held up Simba. Then he lead-sings That's How I Beat Shaq to top it all off.



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Audio Details


  • The title, "Chocolate Niblet Beans", was a concept name for the British candy now known as Smarties (which are like plain M&Ms without letters on them).
  • The opening audio clip of the movie that features a wiggling radio is also the opening audio clip of the song "Enid" by the Barenaked Ladies.
  • Bob's transformation into an anime version of himself near the beginning of this movie is a parody of the stock-footage transformation sequence from 'Sailor Moon'.
  • Right before the message "Watch Out For Dracula," the words "Watch Out For Disco" are subliminally flashed where the the Dracula message will be.
  • Much of the Lemon Demon lineup shown was based on the band lineup listed originally listed on Neil's website circa 2003/2004. The lyrics to 'Mold en Mono" show up due to the music baring some resemblance to that song.
  • During the scene with the message "Linkin Park is a Roller Coaster!", at one point the message "R-E-N-T-C-O! Rentco is the place to go!" shows up on top instead.
  • The Flash movies referenced in the montage near the end are:
    • Weebl and Bob
    • Potter Puppet Pals
    • International Moron Patrol
    • Salad Fingers
    • Andrew Kepple's music video for "I've Got Some Falling to Do" by Lemon Demon.
  • Right before we see the dancing old man from the Six Flag's ad, there are many one-frame messages. One shows Richard D. James's face with very small words under it; the message reads "I'm afraid of Richard D James". Another is a link to The rest are various styles of writing the word "Moo!".
  • After the flash is over, if you right-click and press play, you will see lyrics from the Ben Folds song, "Zak and Sara".
  • The official Naivepop or Petitfool website links to this flash movie with the description: Flash that foreigner made without permission(..unexpectedly good... )
  • This might be a record for the animutation with the most characters.
  • The background of the "Temporary Singer Change" scene is from Polysics' New Wave Jacket music video.
  • During the scene with the Six Flags Guy, the following things get thrown at Mr. Banzai:
    • the Six Flag Guy's head
    • the "Spoon Power" speech balloon
    • a ninja Troll doll
    • Tennis Monk's arm
    • Pingu
    • a kitchen sink
  • The image of Swamp Dogg is from his 1971 album Rat On!, which has been voted by The Guardian as having one of the top 10 worst album covers of all time.
  • The line "There's no such thing as a chip elf", seen during the Salad Fingers scene, is a line spoken in David Firth's "Crazy Drunk Rob" series of videos in which David Firth's roommate at the time, Robert Luckett (previously seen in Elvis Not Included playing tennis on a bicycle), would get drunk and David would film the misadventures.
  • Rather fittingly, this was the last animutation to be uploaded to the Animutation Portal before its demise.

Youtube Version

  • The play screen has been made into a title card.
  • There are no randomutations, for obvious reasons.
  • The farm background in the "Land of the Goldfish" scene and the images of Toronto and the Cheemo box do not flash different colors like they do in the original version.
  • The "TEMPORARY SINGER CHANGE" text, the "WATCH OUT FOR _____" messages, the "TORONTO CHEEMO U!" text, and the "CUZ THAT'S HOW I BEAT" text have now been switched to different fonts.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit does not flap his arms or bounce his head up and down like in the original.
  • In the original, there is quite a bit of white space above the picture of the Half-Ass Moogle, on account of the randomutation. In the Youtube version, the image "jumps" slightly, to compensate for the white space.

Visual Puns

  • During the film-strip like montage of random photos, it shows a picture of Tai (from Digimon) with a hen on his head, meaning Hen-Tai


This video features many random elements, so that it's never the same way twice. For example:

  • During the opening guitar solo, some phrases which appear are replaced by other phrases. The list of phrases that always appear the same, and those that change, are:
    • Typewriter
    • Cubby Hole/Flying Toaster/Cattle Decapitation/Ed Sullivan (changes)
    • Bulbous Boufant
    • Macadamia
    • The Well-Ordering Property
    • Super Monkey Ninja Robots
    • Seattle/ICF-C215/Pneumoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosos/Fred Kadiddlehopper (changes)
  • The phrase that appears when the ninja Troll Dolls appear is randomized to be one of the following:
    • Girls Smell Pretty!
    • Vote For Pants in 2007!
    • Stuck In Your Ass Is An Electrician! (a lyric from the Beastie Boys song "Ch-Check It Out")
    • Use Horizon On Your Wheat Fields!
    • Led Zepplin!!!!
    • Tea Time Rubber!
    • Steve Perry
    • TOM J0WNZ3D!11!!
  • In the scene before the "Curse of Sue-Ling Goh!" mondegreen, the background is either a painting of a farmhouse, an anti-drug coloring book starring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or the cover of Beck's album Odelay.
  • And right after the "Curse of Sue-Ling Goh!" scene, we see either a picture of Lenny (from The Simpsons) eating a sundae, Urd from 'Ah! My Goddess' with a cow head or the Bananas in Pajamas.
  • Right before the "Random Singer Change", we see either former President Richard Nixon, or Barf the Mog from "Spaceballs" (the caption is likewise randomized, so we see either "Richard Nixon!" or "Barf!").
  • The random singer change exchanges between Mr. Clean and a cover of the RL Stine 'Ghosts of Fear Street' Book, "The Curse of the Blue Monkey"
  • Occasionally an image of Tarzan Dan, former host of YTV's "Hit List", will flash by at the end of the "Random Singer Change" scene.
  • After being warned to "Watch Out For Dracula!", we are warned to look out for either Donald Duck, Raymond Smullyan, Sinbad, Tony Danza or Steaks.
  • As mentioned above, sometimes Karen Carpenter shows up to save the city from Saskatchewan instead of "Sailor Spoon". Though instead of using a spoon, she shoots lasers from her eyes.
  • Right before the montage of references to various Flash animation series, sometimes the bug-eyed Nicolas Cage says either "Colin Mochrie Has Turned into an Angry Scotsman!" or "I like soldiers!" instead of "Let's get out of here!". Also, the character in the upper-right is randomized to be either Green Megaman from Captain N, Walrus-Headed Tifa, a pig, Wayne Gretzky or Tim Allen.
  • After the Flash series montage, one of the following pictures (chosen at random) is shown:
    • Asterix the Gaul digging a hole
    • The "new and improved" Megabyte from the Reboot miniseries/movie "My Two Bobs"
    • David Lee Roth dressed as a voodoo shaman
    • The old chef mascots for "Cinnamon Toast Crunch"
  • immediately followed by one of the following:
    • The Ghost Busters (from the 1970s live-action series, not the 1980s live-action movie).
    • Neroman having a wet dream about furry pin-up chick Zig-Zag.
    • A guy in a "half-assed" Moogle costume.
  • Right before the end, we see either a promotional poster for the short "Mickey Mouse Disco", or a "G.I. Toe" Wacky Packages sticker, followed shortly thereafter by a screenshot from the "Incredible Crash Dummies" video game for the SNES, a picture of obscure cartoon character Ovide, or Wombat Man.
  • On the Albino Blacksheep version of Chocolate Niblet Beans, some random elements were removed for the purposes of reducing file size.
  • One randomutation that is supposed to occur, but was not correctly coded, is the random title screen containing alternate titles including "Cartridge Viewing Story", "Harry and Tonto", and "How Bob Got His Groove Back".