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When crazy Scotsman Colin Mochrie was expelled from Animutopia after being defeated by Jesus H. Christ, all was not right. Christ took over as the supreme ruler, and He did not turn the other cheek. He passed laws preventing Animutation characters from being used in Fanimutations, and vice versa. He even organized shows as entertainment in which Fanimutation characters would be decapitated and impaled, or eaten by a Matthew Lesko snake. This bitter period came to be known as Animupartheid. It finally ended when Colin triumphantly returned to Animutopia and ended Jesus' reign of terror, unmasking him as the Random Pokerap Guy; from that point forward, Animutation and Fanimutation were considered one in the same, characters included, and all the characters who had been impaled mysteriously came back to life. And there was much rejoicing.