Animutation Party Nation

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Animutation Party Nation
Crossing Failure
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Author: Alex_Cameron
Release Date: October 5, 2009
File Size: 4.99 MB
Duration: 1:40
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
It's Time to Party
Artist: Andrew W.K.
Album: I Get Wet
Genre: Rock
Language: English


It's time to party in this nation. A nation of Animutation. An Animutation Nation.




Audio Details


  • There are many times in this animutation in which the viewer may press space to see additional content appear, or to play minigames.
  • In the scene in which Hank Hill has appeared and the screen prompts you to press space, the text is shown "In none ear, out the other."
  • During the scene in which the pickup truck is driving through the loop, the text on the plane reads, "Tippy's Air." This is a reference to Tippy's Taco Shack.
  • The Animutator, Alex_Cameron appears several times in this animutation. He is seen in his pictoral form three times (A space bar event/Fighting Tryclyde/Bonus scene group photo), and in drawn form twice (Signaling Luxray not to fight/Standing next to Riolu in the end screen).

External Links

Windows Sky Drive (Needs to be tested for public viewing)