Asian Pride

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Asian Pride
Get out of the way...
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Author: Flashbastard
Release Date: unknown
File Size: unknown
Duration: 1:14
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Alex Chiu
Audio Info
Asian Pride
Artist: Hi Standard
Album: Short Music for Short People
Genre: J-Rock
Language: Engrish





Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Get out of the way
Hang yourself
Pee on public
Asian Pride

Get out of the way
Hang yourself
'cuz he went Kamloops
Asian Pride

Alright Chump, we no speak Engrish
But we wanna see the outside world

Get out of my way,

I'm gonna say,

little but hard dick,

Asian Pride.

Get out of my way,

I'm gonna say,

Godzilla went to Hollywood,

Asian Pride.

Island country, No speak English,

But we wanna see the outside world.

Get out of my way,

I'm gonna say,

Can't we all have Asian Pride.

Audio Details


  • There are many subliminal messages including:
    • OMFG
    • Who turned the sterio up so loud that you cant understand what the hell is being sung?!?!?!
    • Eat Red Meat
    • I'd TAP the Sailor Scouts
    • No easy breazy
    • Sexy Spank coming up
    • 4:20
    • Animutation's not dead
    • If I had a girl that looked like this, I'd never leave the house.
    • Attack of the killer Buda's
    • Alex Chiu knows all
    • Alex Chiu is not the messiah
    • The messiah could be you
    • Oh no! Not upsidedown!
    • If you ask any illiterate scholar, they will tell you that Alex Chiu invented homosexuality, imortallity and the ability to breathe underwater... all because of his invention of the imortallity device and the world renound Georgeouspill. If you are not using them, then you are too ugly for me and I will continue to persue a relationship with Calvin Klein underwater models.
    • Boo urns
    • I'd tap it
    • I'd tap that too
    • No question I'd tap it
    • Might even call the next day
    • I'd even pay for it
    • Does she have a twin sister?
    • I hope she keeps that hat on
    • Like really, you think you could get a girl like this when you win like Zangief?
    • 2 words, China Doll
    • You know she take's it where its uncomfortable
    • Monkeys are eating my brain
    • I'm sooooooooo enlisting
    • I'm developing a heart murmer
    • OMFGWTF?!?! Are women supposed to be this hot?
    • FCUK is FCUKED
    • Little miss innocent for last
    • People is good food
  • There are two easter eggs (the click-on-the-text kind) at the ending screen
  • This animutation is not to be confused with a completely different cartoon of the same name.
  • "Boo urns" is a reference to an episode of The Simpsons.

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