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Before Andrew Kepple made his first (and perhaps only) traditional animutation, French Erotic Film, his Flash movies showed a tendency to imitate animutation, often intentionally. Whether Can-O-Swedes is an animutation or not is the subject of debate among animutation buffs.

Although the soundtrack is a Russian-styled accordion-accompanied rendition of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On, it was posted on a web forum by Anders Antila, the forum's resident Swede. So amused by the song was Kepple that he turned it into an animation containing photos of various members of the forum (including himself and Antila) playing accordions and engaging in other campy performances. He also included many forum inside-jokes, such as Italian porn star Aria Giovanni, and other things from Photoshop-contests on the forum.

An overall theme of Can-O-Swedes is the confused nationality of the piece, a theme common with a number of Kepple's later animutations (see French Erotic Film and Plan 9 From Underpants). The patriotic pride of Canada seems to meld seamlessly with a faux-conspiratorial pride for Sweden. Famously entertaining Canadians Colin Mochrie and Celine Dion appear, as does the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson (with John Travolta's body). The nationality confusion is made even more confusing by the fact that the three leads are respectively Swedish, New Zealandish, and Korean-American.

Obviously Kepple's background in amateur theatre inspired the "stage performance" feel of Can-O-Swedes, with backdrops falling over, clunky sets, et cetera.

Of particular note to animutationists is the single mondegreen in this movie. "Near" is interpreted as the NEAR (Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous) spaceprobe. To a lesser degree, "Far" is shown as being a reference to "Far, a long long way to run" from The Sound of Music. Hardly a mondegreen, but still somewhat animutational in its recontextualisation of the word nonetheless.