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Newgrounds is a web animation community started by Tom Fulp. It mainly focuses around the Portal, a free Flash movie/game hosting service. The catch is that when you submit a movie, the members of Newgrounds get to rate it on a scale of 0 to 5. If a flash movie has a grade below 1.00 after 100 votes, below 1.25 at 150 votes, or below 1.60 at 200 votes, the movie gets deleted forever, otherwise known as "blamming." The only way that flash movie can still be seen on the internet is if it is preserved outside of Newgrounds. Various animutations, like Monster Deer, Bakkwo: Part of the Souls 1, and WTF: The Movie got blammed from Newgrounds. Due in part to this, it isn't regarded too highly by most animutators. It also has a lot of annoying hentai ads, which have been used in some animutations, like Kabiwabisan, Soviet Blue Jeans and Dick Cheney's Hammer.