Dick Cheney's Hammer

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Dick Cheney's Hammer
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Full Title: Cheneys the thing of favoriet dik is entirely to cause and with a destruction with a wonderful large hammer pronounce to start and waanzinnige wars in the process do
Author: Lord Zeebmork
Release Date: June 10, 2007
File Size: 2.06 MB
Duration: 0:26


Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Dick Cheney
Audio Info
I'm downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer
Artist: Atom and his Package
Language: English


Dick Cheney is downright amazed at what he can destroy with just a hammer.


Notable Props



Me and Jan and Brian bought a pretty little hole.
It was cheapish and we split and we're fixing it up.
So Mr. Sokol does everything rewires, fixes cracks.
I can only break walls, move stuff, and get snacks.

And I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.
And I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.

Audio Details


  • Subliminal Messages:
  • Don't forget the orange.
  • you will make dan hibiki a roller coaster sammich now because i can't think of anything else to put in here blah blah blah dick cheney is satan lllllllll ghfsjgasfdg
  • Seriously. Forgetting the orange is the worst thing you could possibly do. Except maybe forgetting your duck.
  • Puppy whirl! Dah dah dah dah dah dah daaaaaaaaaaah dah dah dah dahdahdahdadhahdahdahdhahadhdhdahsdasfaslkgfdar rg dgjhd blarg ikg
  • This frame is the work of Stan. (on the 666th frame)
  • Spandex is back
  • Where's my burrito?
  • The Dan Hibiki message is a reference to Dan Hibikis Majik Sammich and Happy Belly.
  • "Forgetting your duck" is a reference to a Far Side comic.
  • "Spandex is back" is a reference to Wizard Power.
  • The background on the loading screen was taken from Insert Title Here.
  • This movie reuses a lot of characters from kakurenbo.swf.
  • This was the first of Lord Zeebmork's movies to pass judgement on Newgrounds.

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