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Pokey the Penguin, as the name suggests, is a penguin, and star of the nonsensical webcomic that shares his name. Unlike most penguins, he lives at the Arctic (sic) Circle, with his sister (known variously as Little Girl or Small Child), his friend Mr. Nutty, his other friend Gustavo, and his fellow Arctic Circle penguins. And unlike most penguins, one can tell he's almost completely out of his mind. Pokey's adventures usually make no sense whatsoever, and the comics feature intentionally bad graphics, and dialogue that's frequently crossed-out and/or full of non-sequiturs. Usually, he ends up going on a weird travelling adventure, or having to defend his supply of Arctic Circle Candy (which grows on small flowering plants and is quite delicious) from the Italians (who, for some odd reason, are also penguins).

Despite the fact his comics appear at first glance to be pure crud, Pokey the Penguin is loved by people all across the Internet, including Misteroo, who gave him his own animutation.


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