Pokey and the Ombaoojiebaseo

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Pokey and the Ombaoojiebaseo
That rabbit had it coming
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Author: Misteroo
Release Date: June 25, 2002
File Size: 3.0 MB
Duration: 4:10
Complexity: 6
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Pokey the Penguin, Cait Sith
Audio Info
Artist: Hwang Shin Hye Band
Language: Korean


A tribute to the nonsensical web comic Pokey the Penguin.


Notable Props


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Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Regis Philbin! Kathie Lee's a ho!

No say "Ziing"!
Yay kaboom!
Oh say kill you off Donkey

??? Doug
Whoa, man, the clippers can be chucked with tar!

Hail Bob Dole!
Choke you feet yoyo
Woogy cheet-o hyatt Tea.

South Park

None of these lyrics fit into what is being said
Murder all your children into wet paste dough

Mets just suck!
Mets just blow!
Kitty kitty tentacle knot

Someone help! A laguna's hitting me!
Oh, purple croissant if you touch it you will die
Why are these ninnies gonna tear apart this play?

Now you die Bob Dole!!!


Hail "Hooray!"
#Tey Yatta!
Try not chuck bra!
Who's your freakin' god?!

South Park

열사람 중에 아홉사람이
내 얼굴을 보더니 손가락질해
그들의 손가락질 받긴 싫지만
위선은 싫다 거짓은 싫어 못생긴
내 얼굴 맨처음 부터 못생긴걸
어떻게 우리집은 작은 집에 일곱이 살지
너희는 큰 집에서 네명이 산다 그것도 모자라서 집을
또사니 너희는 집많아서 좋겠다 하얀눈 내리는 겨울이
우면 우리집도 하얗지
모처럼 동창회에서 여잘 만났지 말한번 잘못했다
뺨을 맞았지 뺨맞은 건 괜찮지만 기분이 나쁘다 말안하면
그만이지 왜때려!!
예쁜눈 예쁜코 아름다운입 귀부인이 되겠구나
내일이면 우리집이 헐리워진다 쌓아논 행복들도 무너지겠지
오늘도 그사람이 겁주고 갔다 가엾은 우리엄마 한숨만 쉬네
개새끼 씹새끼 나쁜사람들 엄마 울지 마세요
아버지를 다라서 일터 나갔지 처음 잡은
삽자루에 손이 아파서 땀흘리는
아버지를 바라다보니 나도 몰래 눈에서 눈물이 난다
하늘에 태양아 잘난척마라 자랑스런 아버지

Audio Details

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  • "You can find the secret in the big birdcage underneath the BUTTERSCOTCH WATERFALL" is a reference to the Comedy Central TV show Upright Citizen's Brigade.
  • The scrolling morse code message during the "Why are these ninnies gonna tear apart this play?" scene reads "You have way too much time on your hands".
  • The "You're not so funny!" sound clip comes from the "Pranksters" episode of Rocko's Modern Life.

Pokey the Penguin References

  • A lot of the dialog in this movie is reminiscent of Pokey the Penguin, both in style and format.
  • "Nobody touches my stuff!" is a reference to the Pokey the Penguin strip "Forbidden Candy".
  • "I am giving you brain damage!" is a reference to the Pokey strip "An Archangel's Love".
  • "My brain is swelling" is a reference to the Pokey strip of the same name.
  • "We're everywhere! We cook your toast! We show your movies! You need us!" is a reference to the Pokey strip "Pokey and Tommy the Toaster".
  • "I wish for The Anatomicon" is a reference to the Pokey strip "The Anatomicon".
  • There are probably more

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