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Author: Lord Zeebmork
Release Date: February 27, 2007
File Size: 1.85 MB
Duration: 0:43
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
He-he-Hej Kanin!
Artist: Peff
Album: Pess
Language: Swedish





Hej kanin, hej hej hej kanin, jag skall tutta eld på hela rasket.
Hej kanin, hej hej hej kanin, jag skall tutta eld på hela rasket.
Urin, uuuhuhuhuuuuuu
Verkligen gott
pege Olsson, NEJ NEJ
Hej Kanin, jag skall tutta eld på hela rasket.

Audio Details

  • This song is most famously known on Newgrounds as one of the the "theme songs" for the Kitty Krew, a spam group inspired by the Clock Crew.


  • The fonts used in this movie are Standard Galactic Alphabet and Ti86pluspc.
  • The whole movie is only made up of two shots: the one with the checkered background and the one with the blue striped background, which was designed to look like the one in the Kitty Krew intro that used this song.
  • This was the first of Lord Zeebmork's animutations to use graphic symbols.
  • When Hitler Boohbah and the head-exploding Hitler collide, messages appear reading "RANDOM CRAP TIME!!!" and "HOLY CRAP THIS IS STUPID".
  • The animation of Hitler's head exploding is from the final level of the game Bionic Commando.

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