Captain Jack!

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Captain Jack!
Drunken Time!
on Newgrounds
Author: Eduardo Hernandez
Release Date: April 8, 2006
File Size: 2.31 MB
Duration: 4:23
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Brighton, Twila, Jack Sparrow
Audio Info
Captain Jack
Artist: Captain Jack
Genre: Dance
Language: English


This is an animutation about Brighton and Twilla joining Captain Jack in his train. They travel kilometers and find all kinds weird stuff like An hyperactive Zelda, a giant crying baby head, a horny Pichu that wants spanking, an army of smurfs, Pachas flying in the sunset horizon and the one and only Aslan as they are watched by Strawberry clock and Turd clock, from the safety of their home. They get tipsy with lon lon milk and rush over their train over several victims.




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  • When Brighton and Twila are seen over each other, an eclipse happens, much like when the moon is seen over the sun in real life.
  • The following information is from the "Fun Facts" section of the movie:
    • Brighton and Twila hate each other in Mario Party 6. However, it is the opposite in this movie.
    • The milk makes Gorman tipsy in Majora's Mask. In here, it happens as well.
    • Murakami(the ninja who gets tipsy with milk) is one of Eduardo Hernandez's characters.
  • When Aslan comes on and Twila is seen, that is the only time she is seen without Brighton.
  • The last time the word "We are!" is displayed, it appears in Hylian font.

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