Eat My Balls

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Eat My Balls
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Albino Black Sheep
Author: unknown
Release Date: unknown
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: C
Star(s): balls
Audio Info
Artist: Dave Lasher
Genre: Novelty
Language: English



Notable Props

  • balls
  • KFC bucket
  • marijuana
  • tent



President Kennedy ate my balls
Upon the grassy knoll
In Everquest, my balls were chomped on
By a nasty troll
Jacques Cousteau, he ate my balls
I wound up with the bends
Jennifer Aniston ate my balls
But now we're only friends

Eat my balls, balls, balls, balls, balls
Eat my balls, balls, balls, bah-alls, balls
Eat my ba-oo-aa-oo-aa-ah-alls
Eat my balls, balls, balls, bah-alls, balls

Madonna ate my balls last night
She's nothing like a virgin
And Princess Di consumed my balls
With very little urgin'
The South Park kids all ate my balls
But Kenny choked and died
The Colonel sampled both my balls
He liked them better fried


When Barney the Dinosaur ate my balls
They turned all purple and blue
And Dion somehow ate my balls
While singing "Runaround Sue"
When Jessica Alba ate my balls
I could not move my legs
Miss Aguilera might get some
But only if she begs


I've had my balls munched in the North
They loved them in the South
When Stephen Hawking ate my balls, he said,
"Get them out of my mouth"
When Howard Stern snacked on my balls
Them strippers joined the fun
And after Jewel attacked my balls
She yodeled, "You're the one!"


Cheech and Chong, oh, ate my balls
While weighing bags of pot
And Robert Downey ate my balls
Got busted on the spot
Gwen Stefani ate my balls
She was a pro, no doubt
Calista Flockhart ate my balls
And barfed 'em right back out


Pope Paul broke my balls apart
And fed them to the masses
But when the Backstreet Boys stopped by
He kicked them in their asses
John Wayne Gacy ate my balls
I felt I'd been molested
But Gandhi wouldn't touch my balls
He peacefully protested


Richard Nixon ate my balls
But he was just a liar
Drew Barrymore had balls for lunch
The whole place caught on fire!
I can't remember Kid Rock's turn
We both were just so plowed
Ozzy bit my balls right off
And spit them out in the crowd!


Britney gobbled up my balls
She's not that innocent
And Jerri from 'Survivor' ate them
In a makeshift tent
When Rosie came by with that look
I found the strength to run
When Jennifer Lopez ate my balls
Puff Daddy pulled a gun!


Audio Details


  • The part where it says that Ozzy Osbourne bit the singer's balls off and spit them at the crowd is a reference to Osbourne's controversial act of biting the head off a live bat at a concert.

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