Fish Funk

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Fish Funk
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Author: Flashbastard
Release Date: December 1, 2006
File Size: unknown
Duration: 1:09
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): none
Audio Info
Artist: GWAR
Album: Short Music for Short People
Genre: Punk
Language: English





Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics


Oh Yeah!
Well I say,
Fish Fuck Baby
I'm gonna fuck you with a fish
Gonna' take a river carp
and ram it up your butt
you slut
you whore
Why are you my mom? (x4)
Fish Fuck!

Audio Details


Subliminal Messages
-Flying Butt Monkey
-I Love Boobs
-It's not my fault I'm better than
you, leave me alone
-I Wish you' would stop
watching this frame
by frame. the jokes
arent nearly as funny
when you can read
-Colin Refused to be
in this Mutation
-David was just glad I asked
-Fuck it, heres Colin neway
-But mine goes to eleven
-Thats me holding the camera
-In case you're a fucking retard this is NSFW

Easter Eggs

In the Credits/Replay Screen
-Bottom LEFT hand corner, it plays a "dirtier" version of the whole video, not much is different, just some of the animated gif's are more revealing, still somewhat censored.
-Top RIGHT hand corner, it plays a quick blurb of anger. (Obese is spelled wrong Mr. Bastard)

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