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Freak styler
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Full Title: freak styler
Author: plugsandmrfist
Release Date: unknown
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Chavo Guerrero
Audio Info
Language: English



  • guy with horse?
  • Chavo Guerrero
  • Elvis imitator being crucified?
  • computer headed guy?
  • Steve Urkel sun
  • bat/Tony Blair?
  • guy?
  • guy riding on a penis?
  • guy?
  • Mr. Fist
  • NSFW snowman
  • ugly people?
  • George W. Bush with someone else?
  • teddy bear/???
  • butt
  • guy with bat?
  • Uncle Sam
  • ugly guy?
  • teacher?
  • guy with wheelbarrow?
  • guy in condom?
  • Celine Dion
  • dancing stripper sprite?
  • dog
  • rat
  • Ratman?
  • kids?
  • wooden dogs
  • dog
  • dog
  • Francisco Franco
  • two people?
  • foreign leader?
  • doll
  • waving cat



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics


Freestyler...rock the microphone
Straight from the top of my dome
Carry on with the freestyler

I gotz to hmmm, to throw on
And go on, you know I gotz to flow on
Selectors on ya radio play us
cause were friendly for ozone
But thats not all so hold on
Tight, as I rock the mic right
Oh.. excuse me, pardon
As I syncronize with the analyzed
Upcomin vibes the session,
Let there be a lession, question
You carry protection
Or will your heart go on
Like celine dion - karma chameleon

Yeaah, straight from the top of my dome
As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone

Hit me!

Styles, steelos, we bring many kilos
So you could pick yours, from the various
Ambitious, nutrious, delicious, delirious
Or vicious, just tell us
We deliver anything from accappellas
To best sellers, suckers get jealous
But their soft like marshmellows
You know they cant handle us
Like debbie does dallas
Yeah, we come scandalous so who tha fuck
Is alice, is she from buckinham palace?

Yeaah, straight from the top of my dome
As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone

Hit me!

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