Happy Cosmos!

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Happy Cosmos!
Go! Go!
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Author: Frankiedaman
Release Date: May 30, 2005
File Size: 4.18 MB
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
Happy Cosmos!
Artist: Poppins
Album: "DearS" Soundtrack
Genre: Pop
Language: Japanese





Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Let's Go! I shit out more HAPPY!
Go! Go! Foo! Sheegy my HAPPY!

Minger, minger, he is shy
Happy go sue mo sue!
Cheeto, what a sheep no boo wah wah wah
Kanji tan down there
So wet and tending
Dante! Goo is in Dante!

Tom dare! Tom dare! It's how I go
Happy! Go sue mo sue!
Set tie. Moo techy tea po yo yo yo!
Machi guy demo!

Key knee she's nutty!
Nanto can marry so?
Hourly no coat oh wah
Hi! Hi!
Come and wan a ree!
Why Rooney?

Saw her, no can at an heir
Toke and Necky sang real shitty
Tack at coo, Tack at coo there
3, 2, 1 the yukon in da ho
Minger in the cheese, ooh wah!
Doko immo, Harry Mason
Attack at the genuki? Nah!
Egg yolk the Sushi, my man's show!

Go! Go!

Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!

Let's Go!
Ashita mo HAPPY!
Go! Go!
Fushigi na HAPPY!

Minna minna irasshai...
Kitto watashi no buwawawa~n
Kanjitan da ne
Sore wa tennen
Datte guuzen datte

Tonde tonde sawagou
Zettai muteki de poyoyoyo~n
Machigaete mo

Ki ni shinai
Nanto kanari sou
Mawari no koto wa
Hai! Hai!

Sora no kanata e
Tokimeki sagashite
Takaku takaku ne
3, 2, 1 de yukun da yo
Mirai no chizu wa
Doko ni mo arimase-n
Dakara genki na
Egao de susumimashou

Go! Go!

Audio Details

  • This song is the ending theme from the anime "DearS."


  • When I Said No from Stoppit and Tidyup appears, a message appears, reading "For those sad enough to stop the movie at this point and notice tiny text. This character actually refers to a british childrens nostalgia show called "Stoppit and Tidyup", and that is the story behind this image. Now right click, press play and continue watching >:-("
  • When Thomas the Tank Engine appears, so does this message: "Yes yes another inbred reference. For all you USA people's this is Thomas the tank engine running over a cow. And the poor man in the road is also going to get a splat. Personally, to this I say. 'Roflcopter'"
  • The only characters to appear more than once are the four dancing anime girls.
  • When the rocket flies through space at the beginning, a bottle flies by with the text "half pint please" on it.

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