I Say Potato

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I Say Potato
There's a reason, you see:
on Newgrounds
Author: Mr. And Mrs. Wheatley
Release Date: unknown
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): yarn crusader doll?, plush dog?, Hervé Villechaize
Audio Info
I Say Potato
Artist: Giovanni & Sebastian
Language: English


  • drummer boy?
  • yarn crusader doll?
  • plush dog?
  • Hervé Villechaize
  • dancing mushroom
  • skulls
  • flash-drawn guy with a beard?
  • flash-drawn alien thing?
  • flash-drawn breakdancing body?

External Links

"I Say" at MrandMrsWheatley.co.uk