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The Mona Lisa is a well known painting done by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500s. The painting shows a smiling woman, and is painted on poplar wood panel. She also has no eyebrows due to a botched restoration a century or two ago. The painting is popular enough to the point where various people have stolen it, but it was gotten back. There is much speculation over who the model for the Mona Lisa was, and it has been argued that the Mona Lisa is actually da Vinci dressed in drag.

The Mona Lisa has appeared in several animutations, but she appears a lot less than recurring characters. Some of her more notable appearances in animutations were in Kung Fu Phil and the Death Cookie (where she was combined with Colin Mochrie) Sad2Laugh (where she and Dan Aykroyd tried to kill you) and Burn Fest (later on in Jun Senoue's Birthday Onslaught), where she was a mall.