Jun Senoue's Birthday Onslaught

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Jun Senoue's Birthday Onslaught
It's hard to disagree with 48 mini Yuji Nakas!
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Author: Hibiscus Kazeneko
Release Date: August 3, 2006
File Size: unknown
Duration: 2:45
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Jun Senoue, Mario, Gumby
Audio Info
A Man You Get
Artist: Masato Nagai
Album: "Wild Drive" single
Genre: J-Pop, J-Rock, Ska
Language: Japanese


Jun Senoue celebrates his birthday the only way he knows how: by rocking out! But then Mario steals his guitar, and Jun has to chase Mario through a crazy alternate dimension to get it back.

An additional "uncut" version of this animutation was released in September 2006.


Notable Props



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics


Any holy money only
Mushy on the canneloni
You may call a soccer dollar
Sooner mullet cake.

Corny corner
Poomo needs the game to decide.

Who'd she give the
Another thought,


You've been naughty
Thought I told you
Go mend the side.
Hold a lucky kitten's
Ear, ankle, toe.


You didn't say I would meet him at the mall.
He won't know she must pull Kagoshima.

Come on, Gumby.
They can get a show.
Eat turtle arm and come on

Here's your cake, man.
You ever tried quarter ganache?

Eat turtle arm and come on
Eat turtle arm and come on
Meh, I've already repeated the mondegreen three times, so you should have it memorized by now.

*incomprehensible gibberish*
*incomprehensible gibberish*
*incomprehensible gibberish*
*incomprehensible gibberish*
Phone the police!
Please please please!
The only unibrow
of Ash is downtown.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
*girlie scream*





Happy birthday to you


Audio Details


Cut version

  • The opening scene in front of Jun Senoue's house on Giant Box Avenue is a reference to Mostly Metal Jacket.
  • If you look closely at the box house, its number is 153, implying that the Senoue family and the Mochries are next-door neighbors.
  • The Dodge Stealth R/T used in this animutation is nearly a lookalike of the car Jun Senoue owns and drives in real life.
  • When Jun drives by the pixelated school, the message "This is frame #151.", a reference to Beer Pong, appears for one frame.
  • During the scene with the hay bales, the message "HAY! 123... HAY!", a reference to WAKUFUCHITA, appears for one frame.
  • when Jun drives by the 24-hour Fitness with the escalator, the message "You'd think there'd be some sort of uprising over this..." appears for one frame.
  • In the first frame of the scene in front of the Mall-Wart store, the message "Hmm, doesn't look very open. That's not a good sign..." appears.
  • In the first frame of the scene in front of the Mona Lisa Mall, the message "Hi, Spoonorca!" appears in the sky near the street, in periwinkle letters.
  • When Jun tells Mario "Give me my guitar back!", Mario replies "Or else what? You'll play the sweater?", an obvious reference to Hyakugojyuuichi's "Give me my sweater back, or I'll play the guitar" mondegreen is made.
  • Shortly after the first the fourth cheering word balloon appears in the audience in the stage scene, the comment "Ironically, all the word balloons in the audience are positioned toward old people." appears for one frame. (Not long after Hibiscus added this message in, she realized that the audience was made up almost entirely of old people.)
  • The scrolling Japanese text in the scene with the twelve spinning circles reads "アニミュテッションを見る時は、部屋をあかるくして近ずきすぎないようにしてくださいね。" which, roughly translated, means "Please watch this animutation in a well-lit room and don't sit too close to the screen." The text is a reference to the text that appears at the beginning of every anime aired on Japanese TV, which probably was mandated after the infamous incident in 1997 in which 800 kids were placed in hospitals all over Japan for epileptic seizures that stemmed from watching the Pocket Monsters episode "Electric Soldier Porygon." As a result of the incident, the show was put on a four-month production hiatus and Nintendo suffered legal troubles. The episode has not been aired anywhere else in the world or been released on VHS or DVD anywhere, and it caused Porygon itself to be banned from the anime from then on.
  • During the scene with the rapidly scrolling Japanese text, the message "Kids, don't use Formula One race cars to chase hedgehogs." appears. The message is a quotation from the 4Kids dub of the first episode of Sonic X.
  • After the mondegreen "Poomo needs the game to decide," disappears, the message "(which girl he likes best, that is)" appears for one frame.
  • During the "Who is the master?" scene, the message "If you can read this, you scrubbed too hard." appears. The message is a reference to an episode of The Simpsons in which Marge has everybody clean house. Bart finds an American Gothic reprint on the wall and decides to clean it. Eventually, after some scrubbing with a rag, the message listed above appears in place of the painting.
  • The Maneki Neko graphic is from Ojamajo Doremi Shoot, a Japanese fan-made sidescroll-shooter type game. It is available for download on Magicaldoremi.net.
  • The soup ladle being given to Gumby as a musical instrument is a reference to the children's song "Aiken Brown."
  • The picture of Mario in front of a blackboard is a screenshot from Perot Music Hour, which in turn took the screenshot from Mario Teaches Typing 2.
  • Near the end of the scene where Jun meets up with the cake-clad catgirl, the message "This is your conscience speaking." appears for one frame in the upper right-hand corner of the stage.
  • There are two unintentional references to Gimme That Cracker in this movie:
    • When Jun Senoue finds Mario in the alternate dimension, the message "Meh, I've already repeated the mondegreen three times by now, so you should have it memorized by now." appears.
    • When Jun is traveling back to his zone of origin, he babbles something that is labeled "*incomprehensible gibberish*".
  • There are two references to Violent pr0nography in this movie, both occurring very close together:
    • When Gumby disappears before Donald Trump appears on the screen, the message "Eat cheese! Drink milk!" appears.
    • During the "Please, don't ask." scene, Gumby reappears, and his ladle appears to be playing itself. This is a possible reference to the stick figure in Violent Pr0nography whose guitar appears to be playing itself.
  • The "sixteen hour drum solo" scene is a reference to Teen Girl Squad episode 8 in which Cheerleader and the others form a band called "Kissyboots" and while the girls are practicing in a drag-dressing "Arrowed" guy (who is supposedly So and So's stepmother)'s walk-in closet, The Ugly One says the aforementioned line before playing the drums and being killed by them.
  • After Jun Senoue sings "A man you get!", a message appears reading "OK, so that wasn't a mondegreen. I ran out of ideas, OK?".

Uncut version

  • Right after Jun Senoue asks his audience if they are ready to be sucked into a world of pure insanity and rock, they shout "HELL YEAH!" instead of "BOOYAH!", as they did in the cut version.
  • Instead of the Singing Toaster, Emperor Akihito of Japan appears and cheers for Jun.
  • The mondegreen after "Corny corner" now reads "Poomo didn't get all the sluts." and the subsequent one-frame message now reads "Hey, put me down! You've got me hung like a salami!" This message is another reference to the 4Kids dub of Sonic X.
  • The uncut version is the first animutation on Animutation Portal to receive a Very NSFW rating.
  • In the scene with Colin Mochrie, a guy with a homemade "mammogram machine" on his head appears in place of the Singing Toaster.
  • Instead of "Somebody get me a doctor ASAP!!!" during the Ritalinized Ryan Drummond scene, the message "Help me! I drank too much Ritalin again!" appears. This gag started out as a simple We Drink Ritalin reference, but has become a running gag in Hibiscus Kazeneko's fanimutations.
  • Instead of a simple "What the...?" after his guitar is stolen, Jun Senoue now exclaims "Hey! What the hell...?"
  • Instead of an "Ugh. Lost 'im." after Mario disappears into the Matter Transport Booth, Jun Senoue now exclaims "Damn. He escaped."
  • Only in the uncut version is the writing on Mario's chalkboard visible (for only two frames). It reads "I'm nude under this robe. Please see me after class.", and was written by Drunk Magikoopa.
  • The second mondegreen on the chalkboard is now "He won't know she loves full Kagoshima." instead of "He won't know she must pull Kagoshima."
  • Instead of running by the puppet-like Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, Jun Senoue now bypasses members of a Japanese baseball team known as the Bastards.
  • Instead of attacking Mario with DPBJ, Inc.'s avatar, Jun now bludgeons the plumber with a pink enema.
  • There is now visible blood when the weight crashes down on Mario. (The Cute Blood was originally supposed to be used, but Hibiscus couldn't figure out how to make it expand to her liking.)
  • After Mario is defeated in the fight scene, a screenshot of Seto Kaiba with a pole positioned between his legs appears for one frame. This screen has been interpreted as a perverted joke by some fans; but in the episode from which the picture was taken, Seto was bracing for a swashbuckling match with a possessed Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor) and NOT trying to augment his manliness.
  • When Jun enters the Matter Transport Booth, the message "You are now entering cyberspace. Please remove your pants." appears. The message is a reference to a Dilbert comic strip in which Dilbert is sucked into cyberspace through a portal in his computer monitor. As Dogbert tries to pull his companion back out of the warp hole, he instead yanks Dilbert's trousers off. After Dilbert returns to the real world, he brags that he didn't need pants in cyberspace. This message also appears in the cut version, but a thanks to Dilbert was required.
  • Now, instead of a simple "YEAH!" after each "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!" mondegreen, Gackt's name and image appears.
  • The "AMELIGAN!" mondegreen is an obvious reference to PapaSKROBE's Ameligan.

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