Hibiscus Kazeneko

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Hibiscus Kazeneko is a winged cat who lives on her own little island on the planet Mobius. She was born in Emerald Coast Zone, the sole survivor of a large litter of kittens. She has a genetic mutation that caused her to be born with fully functional, retractable wings on her back. She can fly nearly as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog can run. She likes to invite random people from different planets to parties she throws on her island.

Actually, Hibiscus Kazeneko is an alternate identity for a lonely anime fangirl (she won't reveal her real name for security reasons) who happens to enjoy making animutations. Her animutations feature characters from her favorite anime (especially the bishounens), as well as obscure pop culture icons that hardly anyone recognizes. She also seems to know a bit of Japanese.

Hibiscus has made three completed animutations: Mamoritaikara!, Jun Senoue's Birthday Onslaught, and So Sorry.. She has at least one other in the works as of this edit, and has had to can three:

1. "Mezase Pokemon Masutaa": she made an error ripping the music and had little to no Flash skill at the time;

2. "P-Attack": it was to contain pornography; Hibiscus feared a lawsuit;

3. "Daniel Radcliffe Gets Drunk": the FLA file was killing Hibiscus's computer.

Her favorite animutations by other authors are Earth Vs. Funk, Dan Hibiki for Prezidénté, Bling Bling and Twelve Is My Magic Number.

Side note: It is also worth noting that she had a spat with Violet_Raiyne (an Animutation portal member) and got banned for awhile.