Dan Hibiki for Prezidénté

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Dan Hibiki for Prezidénté
Don't we all want a Whummo?
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Author: Mr. Homie
Release Date: January 31, 2003
File Size: 3.95 MB
Duration: 4:35
Complexity: 4
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, Shigeru Miyamoto, Jimmy Neutron
Audio Info
Yooderu Tabehoudai
Artist: 桂雀三郎 With まんぷくブラザーズ
Album: Dancemania Presents J☆PARADISE
Genre: Novelty/Dance
Language: Japanese


Another Dan Hibiki movie, this one starring Dubya!


George W. Bush comes under the influence of Osama bin Laden. He is then arrested by the police, along with Osama and a bunch of other guys. This leaves the presidency open, so Dan Hibiki joins the race.


Notable Props

  • Whummo



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Tally Ho Tally-ho Tally-Ho

Battle Man
Battle Tank

Tally-HO Tally-HO

Yeah, Me knee Cool Viking ghoul that Tally ho ho day
tally ho o ray o rey hey dee!
Fool rank the food to go, I ask ye ho all day
Yak key mo ray o ray hey dee

Fuck you Fuck You Fuck you Road Work Tally ooooh day
Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Fuck you! Yeah, me ho's away
Bite Bite Bite Bite Bite Bite Bite Bite Do me ho oo' day
why I might cheat Moe's money for a Date

Moo! I need too!
Don't even need ta
Tally ho ho day
tally ho o ray o rey hey dee!
Formible Cheekah
in front of the ye gas ye all day
Yak me ho mah day mo hay meh hee!

Me sadey sadey sadey kamakazi Coos cake
Tally ooooh day
Never that good, Anti Road Work
Glory hoooo ray
You Suma Suma Suma Suma Suma Suma
Glory OoooH Ray!
We who are Biten we are Key!


Battle Tank
Battle Man!
Get off Me!

Tally Ho! Tally Ho! (MOOOOO!)

Shigeru Miyamoto: ahh, ya know how we good and we're alright,
isn't that right, my Buddy of the bay?
Jimmy Neutron: Oh I want to see MOOOOmma
Miyamoto: see momma
Ah, I Blah blah,
I dun't wanna no no!
I wanna Tiki!'
Neutron: But a Bleep bleep and a wheet wheet!
what is she?
I want a whummo!
Miyamoto: That looks like a dead parrot, Ma.
Neutron: And now me now, he thought about themma!!
Miyamoto: Wha wha wha no no no NOT AT ALL!
Neutron: Drag him out!
Miyamoto: WAAAAAAAH!!
Neutron: What's the story on that?
WOOD 8 C!!!!
Miyamoto: comming here is comming Gaa gaa. HAH! Why she Ravilo?
Neutron: Huh? Marge's a knome but now,
won't let me about the goo?
from here to Dee Dee!
Miyamoto: I don't know what you say
Neutron: Da Boom from Whay nay!
Miyamoto: I don't know
Neutron: Blah blah blah blah Knee!
Miyamoto: Whaddup?
Neutron: I see whacha do, mon?
Tom Fulp: Cause of me, yo,
Fishing is physically messed up,
Heh. Sow a vet in me.

Ichy old gun, time to get Shittay,
Tally ho ho day!
tally ho o ray o rey hey dee!
Dooey Funeral, Easy fun
while Nosey all day
Wisk the Wrapper rapper Norgy ho ho day
You the Aeon!

Doey what I ask,
while the Buick feels excited
Tally oh oh day
Eating caramel puts me down.
Put me down!
Mauls me oh day
Meep Meep Mweep Mweep
Everybody Meep Mweep!
Liter O-way
Liter O is right.

Thanks to evil for the slab
of Barbie oOway
tally ho o ray o rey hey dee!
Die Es-Tornado to blow up
like a High key-eee
yo Doctor, Fly a keet in meee!

Evil Jimi Hendrix always has a Sobe
Tally oh oh day
This ain't no Arby, Overlord Hamburger!
Glory Oh way!
Door see so much about Doom,
and a dirt devil!
Reagen Sees how good to poo!

Happy Head of
Paaah Daddy




Yakiniku BAIKINGU de tabehoudai
Tabehoudai YOROREIHI
FURANKU FURUTO wa yakihoudai
Yakihoudai UYOREIHI

Waribashi mo warihoudai (WARIHOU!)

Tabehoudai YOROREIHI
Yakihoudai UYOREIHI

DESAATO.FURUUTSU.ANNIN toufu mo torihoudai
Miso.Miso.Miso.Miso.Miso.Miso.Miso.Misoshiru nomihoudai
BIIRU wa betsuryoukin

Sekitori mo PURORESURAA mo tabehoudai
Tabehoudai YOROREIHI
DAIETTO-Neechan mo kyou dake kaikinbi
Kyou dake kaikinbi
Igusurijisan de omise to shoubu da tabehoudai
Jousei wa warihiki
Kodomo wa hangaku torihoudai
Torisugi nokoseba RUURU de dare demo bairyoukin
SeigenjiKan wa 90-ppun


Audio Details


  • Obviously a political satire.
  • The message "If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em.", which appears during the scene with Ren, Stimpy and the mutilated Steve, was the advertising slogan for the anime "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!" as well as several subsequent Kirby games.
  • "Bowser go shite" may be a reference to Drunk Magikoopa's Shine Get series, where at the end of every episode, Bowser would say "Bowser go shit" and poop on the newly defeated villain.
  • Another Shine Get reference: in the background at one point it says "Where is teh shine?"

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