So Sorry.

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So Sorry.
TWO Mew, and even a shiny one?!? That is one lucky toaster!
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Author: Hibiscus Kazeneko
Release Date: July 14, 2006
File Size: 6.97 MB
Duration: 1:38
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Singing Toaster, Mew, Sherlock Holmes, guy at desk
Audio Info
Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti
Artist: Cristina D'Avena
Genre: Anime Dub Theme
Language: Italian


Hibiscus made this for Potato_Killer when she wasn't able to give him one of her mp3s (or so she thought).


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Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Mew Mew
I'll make 'em enchanted.
Mew Mew
A naked midget! Eek!

Injure my Polaroids and pass a note.
Tell a story of no calm piano.
Interest me.
Y'know I'm easy to please.
You'll come and puree our mayo.
In your f@$kin' safe

Notice I view that Stacie bass, ol' quoi.
That's the Marty fund, ol' boy.
Michael's the probe; I look like a solar.

Cheap quad Mickey
Bring out the big shanty.
Gackt's cologne in a vat of spaghetti.
Mew! I caught a Mew!
Squirt the ficus in revenge
A bear did puke.

No, doc, I can't annul it.
Can't dilly dally.
They all mentioned meat in salad.
Cheat wild meerkats
so pull up a chair, teach.
Guard the army
so sorry for tempting.
Mew! I caught a Mew!
Now the Wonder Ribbon eyed a Jew
And the randomizer bin, too.
(Mew! Mew! I made it enchanting!)

Mew Mew amiche vincenti!
Mew Mew amiche vincenti!

I giorni corrono e passano
e le storie non cambiano
è una spola tra casa e scuola
ma fermarsi non si può!

Sogni qualcosa, una novità
per non essere sempre là
e il destino all'improvviso cambia il tuo DNA.

Non sei più la stessa e adesso puoi trasformarti quando vuoi!
Ma in questa prova non sei da sola!

Cinque amiche brillanti e vincenti,
dai colori vivaci e splendenti,
Mew e ancora Mew,
me le fusa le fai sempre e solo tu!

Che gruppo, tante amiche tutte belle e vincenti,
con sembianze così sorprendenti,
Mew e ancora Mew,
sguardi furbi e sorridenti per di più!
Lottate contro il male
grande rivale della legge universale.
Cinque amiche sicure e vincenti,
dalle armi speciali e potenti,
Mew e ancora Mew,
miagolando arriverai laggiù
percorrendo la gioventù.
Mew Mew amiche vincenti!

Mew Mew amiche vincenti!

Audio Details

  • The song "Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti" was the opening theme song from the Italian dub of the anime Tokyo Mew Mew, which has the same title as the song.


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