Onsokumaru's Great Adventure

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Onsokumaru's Great Adventure
Physicists have not yet determined whether or not stars are actually ticklish.
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Subtitle: The Cheerfully Nonsensical Animation
Author: VXO
Release Date: October 6, 2005
File Size: 4.62 MB
Duration: 4:13
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Onsokumaru
Audio Info
Artist: Plus-Tech Squeeze Box
Album: Fakevox
Genre: Shibuya-Kei
Language: Engrish


Alright, so it isn't really very much about Onsokumaru or about great adventures, but it is most bizarre and nifty.

Onsokumaru is one of the main characters of the anime 2x2=Shinobuden ('Ninja Nonsense' for the USA release).

Here, we see his bizarre adventure through suburban dada in the vicinity of Kendall, Florida.


Notable Props

  • Furnace
  • 3-500Z Vacuum Tubes
  •  ? Block
  • Voit Ball?
  • PantherSoft building (really the FIU painting studio, due to a stupid signage malfunction!)
  • Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain"
  • "Sports Yeah!" Magazine
  • MacStumbler 0.75b



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

458 81, 348


Have you ever been to the square place?
Have you ever met with ice, Tomo?
I know you'll thank me if you just ask...

I'll tickle a million stars
Like shining bright, like... Sandra Bullock?
Already, no mother is proved wrong!
A Russian tiger eats...
And let it show... like a furnace...
Cause the whole atmosphere bleeds stars out...

Those of you with porn are ever more powerful.

Have you ever been to the movies?
Have you ever said, "As for your face...
You wore a cake; who'd make Luchas dance?

Have you ever been to the square place?
Have you ever met great astronaut?
I know you take me to future space

Oh, twinkle little my stars
like a shiny day and Saturday night
Already no more realist blue tie
Oh, what shall I do it's
elevation like a flying ace
Cause i ride across twinkling star tours


Have you ever been to the moon phase?
Have you ever set up for new face
You know I take you to future space

Audio Details

  • The numbers station heard in the song is the CIA "Counting Station", ENIGMA ID: E5. This used to be broadcast from a military facility at Warrenton, Virginia. The Warrenton facility is used for training of operatives for... who the heck knows what. This station is actually present in the original audio.
  • The clip heard when clicking Play Again is E13, a temporary station used in West Germany during some attempt to destabilize the government around 1991.


  • When "Have you ever been to the movies?" is sung, the theater shown is the Muvico Paradise 24 in Davie, Florida.
  • The scene with the photographic enlargers was added following a personal experience in which a Saunders/LPL enlarger head fell completely apart in a school black and white photo darkroom, spewing light everywhere in the process and fogging everyone's photographs.
  • Right before the scene with the clouds and the Hello Kitty mushroom cloud, there is a subliminal message that says "SAGE THIS @#%#!!".
  • There is some director's commentary below the frame.
  • Right-click on the closing frame and select "Play" for an additional sequence involving Papa November.
  • Many ideas and images were contributed by Indogutsu Tenbuki, who goes to school with VXO.
  • The pictures of the two crying anime characters and the animated sequence of the two characters dancing were both swiped off 4chan. Nothing is known of their identities or real origins.
  • The "Snakes on a Plane" gag is a reference to a 2006 movie starring Samuel L. Jackson. The snakes in this fanimutation are battle sprites from various RPGs. They are:
    • Ekans from "Pokémon" series (the "Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire" sprite is shown)
    • Coil Snake from "Earthbound" (AKA "Mother 2")
    • Snake from the RPG Maker 2000 Run-Time Package
    • Big Cobra from "Dragon Quest II" ("Dragon Warrior II" in the USA)
    • Crested Viper from "Dragon Quest IV" ("Dragon Warrior IV" in the USA)
    • Constric from "Lennus" ("Paladin's Quest" in the USA)
    • O-Namuchi from "Shin Megami Tensei" series

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