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A gathering of several members of Florida International University's anime club, "Anything Goes Anime," at the O-Bon Festival 2005 at Morikami Museum and Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida. Two animutators are pictured here; VXO is in the back row, second from the right, and Indogutsu is kneeling in the center.

VXO, known offline as Tom Morris, is a student at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. His debut fanimutation, Onsokumaru's Great Adventure, accurately displays his bizarre sense of humor, his wide array of engineering knowledge, and his strong connection to his hometown and home suburb of Kendall. In addition to his Flash skill, VXO is also the author of a webcomic called Blue Neon, which will likely appeal to any OGA fan.


  • VXO's name is an acronym for "Variable Crystal Oscillator."
  • He is one of the few people who has ridden in Indogutsu Tenbuki's car.

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