Perot Music Hour

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Perot Music Hour
The Lava Fags are coming!
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Author: Drunk Magikoopa
Release Date: October 13, 2003
File Size: 2.3 mb
Duration: 2:22
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): H. Ross Perot
Audio Info
Music Hour
Artist: Porno Graffiti
Genre: J-Rock, J-Pop
Language: Japanese


One of DrunkMagikoopa's most daring and ambitious works, Perot Music Hour is a, well, music hour, of purely insane hilarity and life-scarring... things. What his music hour is all about we're not really sure, but it has something to do with Lava Fags corrupting the pornography of Dinosaurs (who end up playing jumprope somehow), a giant orgy, a stickman running across an obstacle course, lots of static, a giant lava monster and H. Ross Perot. A compellingly original and shockingly funny work, with such memorable scenes as Einstein and Hamtaro's "love scenes", George Foreman "Finally getting de white wimmin", a startling "Hot orgy" and Nazi Charmanders exploding Europe. And although it ends only halfway through the song, it remains an epic.



An evil Donald Rumsfeld can be seen on the loading screen. Static fills the screen. H. Ross Perot's head appears.

Perot: H-H-H-H-Hello! This is Porno Graffiti Music Hour, love-up station (?), stay tuned.

Albert Einstein appears doing something NSFW to Hamtaro. An army of evil drawings can be seen in a place resembling hell. Text above says: "DLKFKASDJF THE LAVA FAGS ARE COMING!!!1". Zoom out. Another view of the "Lava Fags" can be seen. An army of Yoshi drawings with shields and swords can be seen with the text: "WE MUST PROTECT OUR PORNO FROM THE LAVA FAGS". A view shows the two armies about to face off, as The Sun watches them, it fades to white. Four images of Stewie Griffin can be seen in each corner. Three identical magicians drawings resembling wizards run through the background. Three identical drawings of people with "^o^" faces holding signs saying "GAY" are seen. Two opposite creatures roam in the background, they look identical except the colors have been inverted on one and it has been flipped, both have "FDHGFH" written on their foreheads. andy Dick's face zooms up and disappears. Adolf Hitler appears and moves in sync with the music. An image of Goatse Man stretching out an eye is moving in the background. In front, two identical nude people with glasses get closer. George Foreman can be seen doing something NSFW with some woman, while above, the mondegreen: "Lousy omlette and of course lube the soggy salmon" appears. In the background, a GIF image of Jessie, James and Meowth appears. A dog with a human body (the body is drawn, but the head is a picture) swirls a weapon and kills Perot with it. An army of Hamtaro's dances in. An image of Mario as a teacher can be seen for a quick scene. Perot is a bouncing ball for sing along fake lyrics. An evil Boo flies over, until it is nuked. Another image of Stewie Griffin is seen. The nude guy with glasses appears again, only he has blonde hair, makeup and lipstick drawn on him. He is then nuked. two dancing robots can be seen, with an inverting, staticky Tubgirl in the background. Some guy sits at the side of the screen, a red blob drawing enters and bites him. The three identical people with "^o^" faces appear again, but at the top of the screen. Albert Einstein doing something NSFW with Hamtaro appears again. Two of the Magicians appear again, with an inverting Goatse Man in the background. Two members of the Yoshi army and a happy Lava Fag play jumprope, but then the Lava Fag falls and dies. Four identical dancing people drawings dance. Al Pacino appears wielding a gun, he moves in sync with the music. A stick figure drawing runs through various obstacles, until he is eaten by Rod Roddy, who is on some white body. A drawing of a cigar appears with multiple dancing naked people drawings. Einstein and Hamtaro, two Benjamin Franklins, Goatse Man stretching out an eye, some woman, and two of the black guys have a "Hot Orgy". Two identical drawings of evil people with lollipops appear. In the background, some kid drives some kind of vehicle. In a staticky scene, three Captain Kirks move across the screen. Some face appears. Two Fortrans and Chubby Checker appear. Explosions happen in the background. An ugly kitten drawing and two flowers with faces appear. A very NSFW image of an anime girl flashes. An army of Nazi Charmanders attack Europe. Six images of Benjamin Franklin with a bikini girl's body appear, they all explode. Donald Rumsfeld appears again, un-evil, he stays in the corner. The red blob appears again, with a top hat, bow tie, monocle, and handlebar mustache. He attacks Bush, the text "PLORCH" appears. The music and video suddenly stop. Then, a blank white screen appears with the text "k i'm done". This is the end.

note: "Stretching out an eye" means an eye was photoshopped into Goatse Man's anus. He is stretching out his anus, as usual, only to reveal an eye, if you don't understand, watch it.


Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Koko de oHAGAKI wo ittsuu Lousy omelette and of course lube the soggy salmon

Bury the corporal guy, Give me the portal sekashite ketobashite iru kara de
SHINPURU na atama de Kick a baby nonstop, Buttsex Europe

Tabun kokoro wa My yolk defeated koware kaketa PINBOORU mitai de
RUURU ga itsumademo Aiiieeyyye, my knob, mama Is game over?

Kono bangumi de wa minna no RIKUESUTO wo omachi shite imasu
Suteki na koi no EPISOODO to isshoni DAIYARU wo shite
Koko de oHAGAKI wo ittsuu RAJIO NEEMU* "koi suru USAGI" chan
"Naze hito wo suki ni naru to konna ni mo kurushii no deshou?"

Sore wa kokoro ga kimi no koto sekashite ketobashite iru kara de
SHINPURU na atama de kikeba ii no sa Let's get to your love!

KIMI ga mune wo kogasu kara natsu ga netsu wo obiteku
Soshite boku wa nagisa e to sasou NAMBAA wo todokete ageru
Awai koi no hajikko wo kesshite hanasana kereba
Kono natsu wa reinen yori souzoushii hi ga tsudzuku hazusa

Sukoshi wa sankou ni natta ka na? RAJIO NEEMU* "koi suru USAGI" chan
Soshite sekaijuu de kanawanu koi ni onayami no kata

Tabun kokoro wa mayotte ite koware kaketa PINBOORU mitai de
RUURU ga itsumademo aimaina mama Is game over?

KIMI ga yume wo negau kara ima mo yume wa yume no mama


  • The screenshot of Mario in front of a blackboard originated from the educational Mario computer game Mario Teaches Typing 2.
  • Drunkmagikoopa's "comments" on this animutation: HELL
  • The name "Perot Music Hour" probably derives from the fact that H. Ross Perot is the star, and that Music Hour is the name of the song.
  • The map of Europe is in Polish.

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