Mr. Pringle, Attorney at Law

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Mr. Pringle, Attorney at Law
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Author: Alice Atlas
Release Date: November 9, 2004
File Size: 864 KB
Duration: 1:45
Complexity: -5
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Mr. Pringles
Audio Info
Artist: Nikolai Massenkoff
Album: Russian Folk Festival
Genre: Folk
Language: Russian

Mr. Pringle, Attorney at Law was created in a few sessions of 10th grade computer graphics class during spare time. It is very simple, with only a small cast and one singing role.




Full lyrics are not included here, as only one stanza is animondegreened, but complete lyrics might be found at the Korobeiniki page.

Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics English Translation

BT/VT, Russian song / Taking
tons of naughty mushroom stew.
A Cartesian farm / A homecoming
queen / Tamari almond glue.

Výidu, výidu v rozh výsokuyu,
tam do notshki padazhdu.
Kak zavizhu tshorno-okuyu,
fsye tavari razloshu.

I'll go to the field, where the rye grows high,
and wait there till it's dark.
When I'll see the girl with the dark eyes,
I will display all my goods.

Audio Details

The song is better known in the United States as Tetris Type A.

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