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The Earl of Sandvich (The "Artist" Formerly Known As Wartys Neryon)

Until the Spring of 2005, I have never seen or even heard of a (f)animutation. One day, I was introduced to the genre upon watching TmsT's "French Erotic Film". I've wanted to create an animutation... well, I actually did a couple from '06-07, but one's not a full work and the other one isn't good. I've got preoccupied with real life (been a college student you know), as well as my playing video games from time to time, but I hope to get back to animutatin' soon...

Works by Me

Works I Have in Mind

  • An animutation based off Russian ska band Leningrad.
  • An animutation based off Daddy Yankee hit Gasolina
  • An animutation based off the theme of Inuyasha.

If you care to visit my author page, then be my guest.