Albuquerque: Part 1

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Albuquerque: Part 1
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on the Animutation Portal
Author: See below
Release Date: June 22, 2006
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: variant
Animutatedness: variant
Star(s): Colin Mochrie
Audio Info
Artist: Weird Al Yankovic
Album: Running With Scissors
Genre: Spoken Word
Language: English


This is a second collaboration effort, this time in the Animutation Portal. This is part of a three-part collaboration project suggested by papaSKROBE in the Animutation Portal forums. Sadly however, the results of the movie is more disappointing than expected. There are ten scenes in this part of the collaboration, and the collaborators of the first part (who did at least one scene) are as follows:

And those who helped with this part of the collab was:




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Audio Details


  • Although the lyrics officially said at the start of the song: Jerry's BAIT Shop, it has been misinterpreted as Jerry's Paint Shop in the movie.
  • The only scene to use pure animation, not animutation, is Scene 4, as the rest of the scenes used cutout images for the most part.
  • At scene 5, when Bio-Dome with Pauly Shore is mentioned, the message "It actually wasn't that bad" shows up for a frame, as the message referred to the author's view of the movie.
  • Alex Chiu lost his immortality rings again in scene 6, and immediately dies, a reference to The Fingertips Project.
  • In scene 6, the scenery where everybody died save Colin is exactly like the original carnage sequence in "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny", except the author of that scene threw in a few corpses as well. They are:
  • In scene 6, the sun has the words "not here" in red. This is a reference to Mostly Metal Jacket, and implies that Colin is in the plane, not the sun.
  • In Scene 6, the text saying "I AM IMPACTO" shows up briefly next to the victorious Colin, a reference to Dash.
  • There is hidden commentary in scene 6.
  • Mentions of 1337:
    • The Jay Jay sucking owls up its engines in Scene 6 is "Flight 1337"
    • In Scene 8, when Colin turned down the air conditioner, the number -1337 shows up.
  • When Colin and the Hermaphrodite (Dr. Mankind) fight, the fight's backdrop has a "Snorkel Fighter II", a reference to the popular "Street Fighter II".
  • There was to be two other parts of Albuquerque to be released. However, since the release of a full-length, non-animutational video by R. Wappin, the idea pretty much died.

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