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Who is Quietust?

Quietust is a human male, mainly interested in NES development and tool-assisted speedruns.

What's such a person doing here?

Oh, he's also somewhat interested in Animutation.

What's he done for anyone here?

He's been the driving force behind a lot of structural renovation on this Wiki, clearing out remnants of the original design to make way for more flexible enhancements. A few examples include the {{animutation infobox}} template (which automatically categorizes Animutations by author and by release date) and creating the {{character}} and {{prop}} templates to remove the hassle of manually adding filmography categories (which also included renaming all of the filmography categories and, in doing so, making them distinct between characters and props).

He also converted Foo-La-La!, an RPG Maker 2000-based fanimutation by Indogutsu Tenbuki, to Flash format; Dwedit subsequently fixed the preloader/replay scenes and added a seek bar.

Where can I contact this 'Quietust' person?

You could try emailing him, but even if you did have his email address he'd probably never get the message, since he's rather busy and a significant percentage of his mail is spam.

Your best bet is probably to find him on IRC. He's almost always on Freenode in #nesvideos using the nickname _Q.