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Hailing from Malaysia, RAMChYLD is a fresh graduate who's now an intern at a Microsoft partner company. He's best described as a computer wiz couch potato bookworm childrens show afficiando casual gamer plushophile, which can be summarized into one word: geek.

RAMChYLD started watching animutations in 2004, after being introduced to it by someone else at an IRC channel he frequents. He's a big fan of Andrew Kepple's animutations and also a fan of Neil Cicierega's music. He is also a fan of Japanese music and various other non-english East european music genres (particularly Dutch, a taste acquired from watching too much anumutations). He has been contributing to the FanimutationWiki anonymously since 2005, only registering for an account recently.

RAMChYLD has originally tried making animutation-like movies using powerpoint slide exports since early 2005, with no success. All of the movies were scrapped long before they were even 10% completed.

In late 2005, Initial D, an anime about street drag racing, was all the buzz in his area. His ears homed in on a particular theme used on the third season of the show, Gamble Rumble by Japanese pop group Move (some say it was not due to the show, but because he was bombarded by the theme of the Initial D Third Stage racing game at the local arcade which he frequents to play Para Para Paradise). Listening to the song half-asleep very early one morning (at around, say, 3AM), he mondegreened the line "You gotta dive into the spam, boy". Inspired by Indogutsu Tenbuki's Foo-La-La! which he saw earlier in the day, he decides to make an animutation out of the song. He spent the rest of the night mondegreening the entire song, word by word, jotting down his mondegreens in Notepad. However, like all his earlier works, the movie fell through in the early stages and it was quickly forgotten.

RAMChYLD first started dabbling in Flash in early 2006 after the interview for his first job fell through because he lacks Flash skills. Thus, he resolved it upon himself to learn Flash, somehow. Then he remembered reading about how Misteroo said that making animutations are useful stepping stones for teaching people Flash.

Now that the reason out of the way, he needs a good song to do a movie to. He remembers his unfinished work on the song Gamble Rumble and resolves to redo the entire thing, in Flash. Two weeks into the making of the animutation, he hears that one of his favourite show, Caillou, is undergoing major revamps and there will be no more puppet segments in it. It's bad enough that he never got to see beyond Season 2 of the show, but he also liked the puppet segment. So he decides to put the animutation aside to put together a tribute clip, using Flash to animate the movements in the browser scenes and the ending. The movie was finished within 4 hours and put online shortly after. Returning to work on the animutation the next day, he decides to stray from the path of using slideshows and apply what he learnt during the making to the tribute clip to the movie. Roughly a fortnight later and a little more than a month after he started, his animutation is released into YouTube, and the rest is history. He also discovers while making the animutation that animutation making relaxes and destresses him.

The second animutation, released little more than a month later, came around after he scored an Actimates D.W. off eBay. Combining his elation(he's been wanting one for years) with positive responses he received for the first animutation (one even asking him to make more), he resolves to make a sequel. He didn't have to look far for a song to mondegreen, either. A few hours later, past midnight, he finds the perfect candidate while half asleep again: Spinwake's Don't Wanna Be, the theme for Rockman: Irregular Hunter X (known as Megaman: Maverick Hunter X stateside). Putting himself to work, the movie was eventually finished and released almost a month after work on it started, exactly on the day he's to pack up and leave his home as it was undergoing renovation for an uncertain period of time.

RAMChYLD is currently without access to his computers as they're disconnected and in boxes with his other stuff at his grandparent's place while his home is undergoing renovations. He has plans for a third one after all the renovation hubbub is over(he's working on mondegreening the song at the moment, using both his iPaq and Sony Clie in lieu of his computers).

RAMChYLD does not intend to only produce animutation, but other sorts of videos he feels like making as well.

Like Andrew Kepple did on his FanimutationWiki entry, RAMChYLD wrote this entry himself.