Revival of the Node 7/8

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Revival of the Node 7/8
An early snapshot of the movie
Subtitle: What, Me Worry? I don't worry!
The Further Adventures of RAMChYLD, Spot and Bijou
Author: RAMChYLD
Release Date: May 13, 2006
File Size: unknown
Duration: 2:40
Complexity: -6
Animutatedness: B
Star(s): RAMChYLD, Spot, Bijou, D.W.
Audio Info
Don't Wanna Be
Artist: Spinwake
Genre: Rock
Language: Japanese


The long awaited sequel to Revival of the Node 3/4, in which the RAMChYLD, Spot and Bijou goes on a havoc-inducing RAMPage(pun intended) and rescues D.W. from Tai and B'harnii.


Notable Props

  • Nuke Dukem DHCP missiles
  • Body shame
  • Passion perfume
  • Oregano
  • Mio PDA
  • Diamond RIO MP3 Player
  • Kryptonite
  • Stargate
  • Signboard with a picture of a cog on it
  • Knuckerhole
  • Warp pipe
  • Klingon bird of preys


Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

I Don't Worry,
I Don't Worry, Vader,
No, I don't worry,
I Don't Worry, Vader, Shite!!!

Don't wanna be a...
I've Got Soul
Your leather's Oregano
Smell to the leather
And I've got no funk
Gonna get excited 'bout the passion night
Koro, Boy more excited, Nala Night, Tonight!
Got your body shame now
Afro, let us throw, let's go...
(Dyin' hard so now stand a chance we'll now)
Stay, Will, Stay!

I Don't Worry
I Don't Worry, Vader
No, I Nobody
No more ITA, Yawny!

I feel you, I met you, I love you, so open your eyes!!!
(row, row, romance!)
A NASA link, so hey!

I don't wanna be
a happy guy,
Sow butt,
Toe butt,
I take to Cats now, You're six or seven now
Kryptonite, Oh my, Oh boy, in Mio, Rio, My!
Brother Gamma, prepare to send Rez now

Ah, tomorrow, Knucker,
Go Cairo, suit the day
(Dyin' hard so now stand a chance we'll now)
Stay, Will, Stay!

I Don't Worry
I Don't Worry, Vader
No, I Nobody
Ah more eat ah, Yawny!

I Don't Worry
I Don't Worry

I feel you, I met you, I love you, so open your eyes....

It's Star Trek
So Funnie
So open your eyes....

When I sing for her!
My heart sing for her!
When I sing for her!
(Check the right time, check your maths so now)(repeating in background)

I don't worry, chill out!


Audio Details

RAMChYLD first encountered the music used in this animutation, Don't Wanna Be by Spinwake, when he stumbled across Capcom Japan's Rockman: Irregular Hunter X website and the promo trailer in it.

He originally intended to include a Megaman sprite in the animutation, but it completely slipped his mind as he rushes to complete the movie by the dateline he "set", which is a day before he was to pack up his computers and move out as renovations begin at his house.


  • The movie picks up a few hours after the first one dropped us off.
  • References to other animutations:
  • There is a reference to Zero Wing Rhapsody, because it shows Andrew Kepple's version of CATS.
  • Conan Edogawa makes an appearance in the movie because of one particular feedback from a IRC friend of RAMChYLD lamenting the lack of a Conan Edogawa appearance in the last movie.

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