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Author: Neil Cicierega
Release Date: September 1, 2003
File Size: 342 KB
Duration: 1:49
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
Artist: Lemon Demon
Album: Unreleased
Genre: Mash Up
Language: English


A short, silly Flash video made by Neil; it is very animutational, but it is apparently non-canonical, as it is not featured on Animutation Central nor has it otherwise been shown very widely. The soundtrack is a very weird mix that Neil concocted himself...



[incomprehensible mutated Speak-n-Spell speech]

Ho ho ho! I don't know!
Ho ho ho! I don't know!
Ho ho ho! I don't know!
Ho ho ho! I don't know!

[slowed-down clip of "I am a banana!" from Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected, accompanied by a snippet of the Inspector Gadget theme]

Ho ho ho! I don't know!
Ho ho ho! I don't know!
H-oho hoho ho-oh... I don't know!
[slowed-down and warped] Ho ho ho! No...

Hahahaha, whoop!

Audio Details


  • This video hasn't had major appearances on flash portals unlike Neil Cicierega's other works.
  • The slow, seemingly unintelligible speech during the "Kobe Bryant!" scene is actually a slowed down audio clip saying "I AM A BANANA!", a quote from Don Hertzfeld's "Rejected" animated short.
  • There is another audio clip, about 40 seconds after the "Hahahaha, whoop!" followed by a POKE! HULK HOGAN picture.
  • The "Hahahaha, whoop!" clip played backwards is the "Ooowa-ah-ah-ah" part from Disturbed's "Down With The Sickness"
    • RESPONSE: actually the "Hahahaha, whoop!" clip is actually a reversed clip of "Oowa-ah-ah-ah" from the "Down With The Sickness" segment from Weird Al Yankovic's Angry White Boy Polka.
  • The sting of music at the end of the Inspector Gadget theme is from introductions They Might Be Giants would use at their early concerts. Neil most likely obtained them from Then: The Earlier Years.
  • The "I don't know!" in the song comes from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure when Pee-Wee is stressing out over his missing bike. The "Ho-Ho-Ho" soundbyte was used in "Alora's Christmas Carol", a previous flash made by Neil.

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