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Author: Bort
Release Date: January 30, 2003
File Size: 3.22 MB
Duration: 3:30
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Adolf Hitler, Satan
Audio Info
Blue Blood
Artist: X Japan
Album: Blue Blood
Genre: Speed Metal
Language: Engrish


This fanimutation involves Hitler's death, followed by his rise to heaven, rejection, and fall to hell.




Fake Lyrics

MY Breath IS Covered IN MUD
Theres Nothing Right With Me
I'll Rid Your men OF ITAG   A E I O U

I Can't tell what I'm going To Do
I'm running over poo

They Don't Need You Nothing There
Kazoo Nothing 'Bout Wide Aware
Or you remember that you-oo   The A   Double E

Good God!   you Broke His Face
Oh yeah!
You Can't Fight Anime

Not twice!   Not thrice!   Dog breasts!   Blue Breath!
Give me someone right
Jimmy sum of death

My face is covered with blood
There's nothing but pain
oitsumerareta keraku ni

I can't tell where I'm going to
I'm running, all confused
shinimono-gurui de

Then I see you standing there
Can do nothing but run away
oikakete kuru genkaku ni

Look out! I'm raving mad

you can't stop my sadness
kirikizanda yume wa kyouki ni nagareru

(I'll slice my face covered with blue blood)
(Give me some more pain)
(Give me the throes of death)

namida ni tokeru aoi chi o yokubou ni kaete
umarekawatta sugata o yosootte mite mo

kodoku ni obieru kokoro wa ima mo
sugisatta yume o motome-samayou

higeki ni odoru kanashimi o maboroshi ni kaete
sameta sugata no butai o enjite mite mo

hitomi ni afureru kyozou wa ima mo

Audio Details


  • The "Click on the Planters Peanut" scene is from Wizard Power.
  • When Zippy appears, there is a message that says "There you go Andrew, it's Zippy".
  • This was Bort's first full length animutation that involved moving pictures. (Bort had two prior to these, human and mogwai, and B-go which involved a large amount of mondegreening, but no animation)
  • Bort got bored halfway through the falling scene (where Hitler falls from heaven to hell) so Bort just ended it, it could have been around 5 minutes long.

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