Cave of Musty

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Cave of Musty
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on the Animutation Portal
Author: Surn
Release Date: unknown
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Musty
Audio Info
7 Test
Artist: Demys
Language: N/A


99.9% Copyright infringement free (The author is afraid of copyright)


  • Musty The Rabbit
  • Shush (with the magical picket sign)
  • Mort the Shark (on the title page)
  • Jolli Face
  • Someone's stick figure drawing
  • Pandatronic's Panda
  • Alex Cameron's brown car
  • Someone's Globe theatre
  • Someone's Monster
  • Someone's Walrus
  • Someone's Snake things
  • Someone's Cloud monster
  • Warioman's Puppy thing
  • Flashy Jolli face
  • Colin Mochrie
  • Dr.Masochist (With the cheese grater to his tongue)
  • Dancing turd
  • Earth


Audio Details

This song is from the Newgrounds Audio Portal.


  • The Rabbit (Musty) is a Male Himalayan Dwarf Rabbit which belongs to the author. In reality he's a social type who likes to shred literature.
  • At several points in the movie, sets of four messages appear. The green messages make up a poem about a squirrel. The red messages are messages of distress. The blue messages are pointed criticism of the viewer. The yellow messages are various Bible verses.

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