Epilepsy Get

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Epilepsy Get
Rave Guy Yay!
Author: Alex_Cameron
Release Date: November 4, 2006
File Size: 13.8MB (WMV)
Duration: 1:05
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Rave Guy
Audio Info
Battle Scene One
Artist: Hellion Sounds
Album: Crimson Nightmare
Genre: Rock
Language: Instrumental
Skate or Die 2
Artist: Electronic Arts
Album: Skate or Die 2
Genre: VG Soundtrack
Language: English
Quietsche Entchen
Artist: Cosmix feat. Ernie
Album: Sesamstrasse - Das Remix Album
Genre: Techno Remix
Language: German
Glory Crossing
Artist: Rare Ltd.
Album: Blast Corps
Genre: VG Soundtrack
Language: Instrumental


"I was bored one night, and I thought I would make a nice myspace video for my friend. 3 Hours Later, I got this." - Alex_Cameron


  • Gallagher
  • A school chum
  • Sped up clip from the opening scene of "Star Fox 2"
  • A guy getting shot*
  • Rave Guy
  • Patrick
  • A school chum
  • A different guy getting shot*
  • NES ROM data sheet
  • A fox playing a YAMAHA Piano
  • A corrupted GIF image
  • JVC Logo
  • Dana Carvey screenshot from the sega GENESIS game "Waynes World."
  • A third guy getting shot and falling off of a roof.*
  • Woman saying "Don't Shoot!"*
  • A fourth guy getting shot.*
  • A Woman getting shot.*
  • A guy getting arrested by SWAT members.*



Die, Die,die,die,die,die, DIE!

Könnt ihr euch denken, was es ist?
Das ist ein sehr sehr guter Freund von mir
Ja, mein ganz besonderer Liebling ist das
Mein Quietsche-Entchen

Guy: Oh no, my new couch. I can't believe it. Okay, Alright,
SWAT guy: Clear, Clear
Guy: Party's over, That's it, everybody out, Wer'e done now, Thank you very much.
SWAT guy: Turn around, Turn around.
Guy: That's it. Very Careful.
SWAT guy: Against the wall, Turn around!
Guy: Alright, Here we go.

Audio Details


  • *These Video clips were taken from the game "COPS." A laserdisc arcade game by Atari.
  • The Gallagher clip was taken from the game "Gallagher's Gallery." A laserdisc arcade game by American Laser Games.
  • When the Nes Rom Data Sheet appears ad spins, "I'm Chargin Up Mah Laser" Appears for half a second.
  • When the credits start, look at the "Dead guy" wearing red/orange on the floor. He covers his crotch when the SWAT team enters the room.
  • There is an error in the credits for the COPS game.
  • This has been the only animutation on Animutation Portal to be deleted due to an ownership problem between KKyuubi, who transferred it to flash, and Alex_Cameron. KKyuubi added a picture of himself to the preloader and added an easter egg with his Clock Crew persona IIDXClock and his Lock Legion persona DryIceLock. Alex_Cameron felt that his ownership was being challenged, as well as hating the fact that the sound was out of sync, and requested the mods remove the animutation from Animutation Portal.

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