Light Tight (Learning French Lesson 2)

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Light Tight (Learning French Lesson 2)
The Random Guyz!
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Author: Max Le Fou
Release Date: unknown
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: A.5
Star(s): Hello Kitty
Audio Info
Rein Raus
Artist: Rammstein
Genre: Industrial Metal
Language: German
Artist: Rammstein
Album: Herzeleid
Genre: Industrial Metal
Language: German



Fake Lyrics Fake Lyrics (translated) Real Lyrics

Hey! Les p'tits moteurs
Au fond des Ardeurs
Des Seiches!
Des perles et Zeus!

Dix heures, LOL
Technique for leur emeraudes
Et dis: "Halte aux hottes"
Fais-leur un f'tit boudin

Hey! Les p'tits Schweitzer
Au fond du Intel
46 and Months
Dès qu'il me broutaient
je n'arfonds, Shao, Ben
Haine et Brouteurs, grosse, DUH!!

Light Tight!


Lain Tight!

Fleech been their Light-tah
Dobby slash Ross
Meech thai that Hosse
He rate that noos
Douche Beuze
He's got their floor, hi!
Elephant and Naheulbeuk

Clifford! Clifford!
Z'argus, Z'argus Not!

Clifford! Clifford!
He smells the fork and die now out
And there's an elephant are breathen...

Hey! the lil' Motors
Behind the heats
Pearls and Zeus!

10:00AM, LOL
Technic for their emerald
And say "Stop to the hoods!"
Do the lil' roll to them!

Hey! Lil' Schweitzer!
Behind the Intel

As soon as it grazed me,
I arfonds, Shao, Ben
Hate of grazersm, fat, DUH!!

The asphalt!

Shower Beuze

Er liebt die Mutter
Und von der Seite
Den Fisch
gibt er ihr selbst

Dieser häu-
tet sich vor leerem Ho-
den Die alte Haut
fällt auf den Boden

Er liebt die Schwester
Und von hinten
Der Fisch
frisst sich zum Mund
Die Kiemen blutig
noch vom saugen
An den roten großen Augen




Ich bin der Reiter
Du bist das Ross
Ich steige auf
Wir reiten los
Du stöhnst
ich sag dir vor Ein
Elefant im Nadelöhr

Tiefer tiefer
Sag es sag es laut

Tiefer tiefer
Ich fühl mich wohl in deiner Haut
Und tausend Elefanten brechen


  • This is of course an unofficial sequel to Cappucchino Piano Piano (Learning French), which had fake lyrics and a French translation. This one however has French fake lyrics with an English translation.
  • There's a secret where Colin asks why he wasn't in this one, even though he does appear.
  • The replay button doesn't work, like in some of Drunk Magikoopa's movies.
  • The last frame is a paragraph about what forks are and their history. The unidentified end sound bite starts on this frame.
  • References to other animutations:

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