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It's Colin Mochrie in 3D, sorta

St3r3-O-Vision is a 3D system "developed" by Andrew Kepple, which was intergrated into some of his flash movies in some scenes. It made its debut in "Plan 9 From Underpants", and was also put into "Hyakugojyuuichi Forever" for the final "TV Says" chorus. Andrew calls this system "the most fun you can have with your eyes crossed".

Unfortunately, Andrew Kepple did not appear to properly use the Mask feature of Flash to allow independent backgrounds.

How to use St3r3-O-Vision

From TMST's site:

  • Go cross-eyed (or try to look at the tip of your nose).
  • Notice how the images on screen go blurry and out of focus.
  • Keep going cross-eyed or relaxing your eyes until the double images overlap perfectly.
  • When they overlap perfectly, the stereoscopic image will lock into focus and as long as you don't try to look at the image as if it were REALLY THERE, then you'll be able to watch it without losing the 3D vision. With a bit of training and practise, you'll soon find it as easy as peering into a Viewmaster.

Origins of St3r3-O-Vision

St3r3-O-Vision pays homage to the stereoscope, which was a device that used stereographic cards to make a 3D image with 2 images, or you could just view the cards the old fashioned way by looking at them cross-eyed. The St3r3-O-Vision segments in the movie is basically an animated version of the stereographic cards. The name of Andrew's system, St3r3-O-Vision, is a pun on the Stereoscope, but replacing the word "scope" with "vision" and making the rest of the title into l33t to make it sound cooler.

Debut: Plan 9 From Underpants