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TXA the Extreme (real name: Trevor Allen) is a long time childhood friend (and sometimes arch rival) of Toxic AKA Bob Barker.

He is responsible for coming up with the name "Toxic the Machine" for the comic book, "Toxic the Machine Meets The Holy Cows", which was written and drawn by both him and Toxic AKA Bob Barker.

He is also responsible for suggesting to Toxic AKA Bob Barker to try looking up "Japanese Transformers Music", for Toxic's first animutation, which would become Mr Pringles' funk machine.

He created the Afghan Football League, for which Toxic AKA Bob Barker created a logo for and can be seen in Elvis Not Included.

During the production of Chocolate Niblet Beans, he hosted an episode of "KRUD" for Toxic AKA Bob Barker, which was very poorly received by Toxic's regular audience at the time.

He makes a brief cameo wearing a cowboy hat in GAZORNINPLAT II. He is also the star of Toxic AKA Bob Barker's flash, "TXA's Anime Theme".

His favorite anime girl is Steve Irwin.