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Birthday: January 15, 1992
Sex: Male
Name(s): Imp, Tangerine - Athomus - Zamien

Animutation Information

Being unable to afford the professional flash maker released by Macromedia, Tangerine, who wandered his way into the Animutation Portal after spending some time in the Lemon Demon forums, would expirament in Windows Movie Maker.

Tangerine would make several edits of pictures and attempt to re-create the animutation style on a program not made for it.

Here he made six different, what he called and originated, "Picimutations". Which are animutations made from Windows Movie Maker, and are more slide-showish in presentation.

These were:

However, none of these reached any reknownability outside of the animutation portal, and were of low graphical quiality.

Luckily, thanks to KKyuubi, and to the support of flash veterans heroes, and contributors like Flashbastard , Un-J , Ryan Oskroba, Mr. Seiko , and Pandatronic, LiveSwif, a more limited, hard-to-work-with, yet free program, was located and Tangerine went into work under 4 different animutations.

Due to large file sizes and compatibility issues, only one would make it out of the creation stage. This was, the animutation That's What I Know.

With that animutation however, he became the first LiveSwif animutator.

Tangerine has created six fully-to-mostly finished and released 'Liveswifamutations':

  • That's What I Know : Regarded as the very first animutation made by LiveSwif
  • Santa's Acid Trip : Only fully viewable at Putfile, and first to include a pre-loader
  • I Dun No Y : His most popular, and accepted animutation.
  • Rushed : An older, but greater mutation. Unfinished and unknown, only avilable on Putfile.
  • Evil Mutation League : A rushed and unfinished effort made before I Dun No Y, and avilable fully on Putfile.
  • Spishal : The final Liveswifamutation that is to be made by Tangerine.

After taking time off in the real world, Tangerine came back to a new Anti-LiveSwif AP, which he found to be the unhappy truth. This turn against the LiveSwif platform was due to many backlashes against the output of new LiveSwif authors, which were deemed to be quite bluntly "Crap". However, the credit for the poor output was much in debted to the failure of the software.

Tangerine accepts the decline of LiveSwifamutations. He wished that he could have saved the platform, but instead retires from animutations of all sorts until he has a offical version of Flash.

For now he remains apart of the community, and neutral upon the issue between Hibiscus Kazeneko and Flashbastard. For he feels that dividing an already small family, might just kill what's left of the love that people have for animutations.

The animutation: SAI Co. is not considered an offical animutation of Tangerine. It was an unfinished mutation that was attempted to be remade as to signal a return of acceptance towards Liveswif. It didn't work.