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Max Bennett Mogavero (born 2/8/1992) is an upcoming star in fanimutation.

Fanimutational Work

He works on these fanimutations under Chibi-chibi (at the suggestion of Emma, his younger sister), the name of a character from Sailor Stars. And hopefully his work will gain about as much popularity as any other animutator before him. His obsession with animutation dates back to pre-hysterical times, when he watched one, and decided that he make one himself. Unfortunately, he couldn't purchase Adobe Flash (the program that most animutations are edited and resolved, which he really longed for) since it's much too expensive, so he used Adobe Premiere Elements v2.0 for his first animutation. Max signed up here as TheMaxMan11, and recently found out why he's known on YouTube as sonicOneTwo: He puts at least one reference to Sonic the Hegdehog in each of his animutations.

Like Andrew Kepple and RAMChYLD did respectively with their wiki pages, This page was written by Max.

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