The Magic Fool Bucket

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The Magic Fool Bucket
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Full Title: Magic Fool Bucket
Author: Surn
Release Date: November 13, 2009
File Size: 500x500px, 9.29mb
Duration: 1:30
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Bukket and his Backup Singers
Audio Info
Rex Tremendae (NGAudio:140020)
Artist: Rocky Marshall (a.k.a MusicalRocky)
Genre: Classical
Language: Latin


When night falls, Bukket arises in search of legs to saw off. This was an attempt at a Horrormutation.


Notable Props

  • Bucket
  • Band-Aid brand (water-proof)Band-Aid Box
  • Bone Saw
  • Surn's Real Eyes (used in Comet Cleaner Monster)
  • Mr.Twister inverted line art (
  • Manure Backdrop behind Jimmy Neutron
  • Mr.Kary



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Rex need Band-Aid cause of me,
Me saw font cause you saw it,
Saw my Comet come to me.

Saw off a leg(x6)
He's got mono,
So you got it!
Go an egg,
Saw off a leg

Rex Need Band Aid

Rex tremendae majestatis
qui salvandos savas gratis
salve me, fons pietatis.

Audio details

Bible Verses

  • Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before dispute breaks out. -Proverbs 17:14 NIV
  • He who ignores dicipline comes to poverty and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honored . - Proverbs 13:18 NIV
  • A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Proverbs 14:30 NIV
  • When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise. - Proverbs 10:19 NIV
  • If you find honey, eat just enough- too much of it, and you will vomit. Proverbs 25:16 NIV


  • Originally, in the second last scene with Peggy Hill and FP Ferdinand: Peggy and Ferdinand approached eachother (giving a sense of mutual emotions). Surn thought this was a bad message for a Christian to send so he changed it
  • Hit the replay bucket for a breif extra voiced by Surn.
  • Surn Added commentary below the bottom border
  • Most of the images were taken from photobucket (most backgrounds were taken from
  • Dr.Masochist is not only not mutilating his tongue in some way but is wearing brown pants.
  • Mr.Kary was off to the left side in the last scene
  • Image Reference Sheet (link at the end) may reference images that weren't used
  • Bukket was based on a photoshopped plasticine model