Turd of the Week

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Turd of the Week
Well...you're in it now Colin!
on Newgrounds
on the Animutation Portal
Author: KKyuubi
Release Date: August 8, 2006
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
Artist: ZeRo-BaSs
Album: Newgrounds
Genre: Drum and Bass
Language: Instrumental
A Desperate Hope
Artist: Goukisan
Genre: Techno
Language: Instrumental


An animutational look at "HOT POKEMON HENTAI" movies not delivering properly...



  • Originally, it was designed to just satirize "Turds of the Week" of nowadays, but after noticing the animutational nature of the "Pokemon Hentai Example" scene, KKyuubi threw in Colin Mochrie and a sublimital message making a reference to We Drink Ritalin to make it legally an offical Animutation.
  • References to other Animutations:
    • We Drink Ritalin: After the short description "WATCH POKEMON DO STUFF" is typed out, the message changes to "YOU LOVE THIS MOVIE" for one frame.
  • The Newgrounds version of TOTW includes an extra scene about Mass Voting that was added after the movie was already submitted to Animutation Portal.
  • This movie was perhaps the most popular, and most controversial, of any of KKyuubi's works. On Newgrounds, many users who are sick of fraudulent cartoons gave it positive reviews, while many users, including the Star Syndicate, excused it as some sort of publicity stunt. Their excuse of this movie may also be because Star Syndicate members have been behind most of these fraudulent cartoons. Most of these negative reviews have been deleted by review moderators.

Clock Day Edition

KKyuubi also did another version of this movie for Clock Day 2006 on Newgrounds, August 15, 2006. This movie parodizes the original by talking about the creation of B, narrated and hosted by it's creator, StrawberryClock. Instead of badmouthing in that one, The movie also told of how pleasing such thing would be if people liked it for no apparent reason (which was the case with B).

This version retains the sublimital message in the Newgrounds Submit Form scene, but it is changed to "SECRET MESSAGE FUNZORS!" instead of "YOU LOVE THIS MOVIE".

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