Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
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Author: Jack the Ripper
Release Date: January 22, 2007
File Size: 3.81 MB
Duration: 3:27
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): weird guy?
Audio Info
Artist: It is Poe tsu pu lock the pokunaizu
Genre: Rock
Language: Japanese


A story about a guy and his car.


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I just went to war today
Jews sang lucky cocaine
Gottard's neighbor shot a brace at me
I don't know why you got a hard-earned girl
You good at Pokèmon?
2-year old who knows Strongbad
Gonna wash my car at global haiku
Gonna wash you at global haiku
I see why it's a boy
Half a beanie for your stuff to do; come on
Why could star look at all the animals?
I just got a car and the machine is cool

Tiny moles at war
Tiny moles at war
only he can cool your car
Babies are at war
Get a peice of my heart
I think you're evil, ahhhhhhh!
She's a letter by day;
and she plays cool guitar
on a girdle saying 'moto'!
Welcome home, mother.
Welcome home, mother.
And you are my puny car?

Table chew the soda knee
Kicking on an old guitar
Koochie-koo while I am bopping you
Says Jackal at the global haiku
Polly want a Burrito
I don't think she local to the Army
The shoes are taco nazis
You can shoot my car; but don't look at my toe OOH!

Got a new kazoo at an evil zoo
She needs an evil war!
Michael got there, and saw my old car
And my daughter needs you, Japan!
Shoot illegal arrow for Napoleon
Means you are an illegal nazi!
Don't you have my car?
Don't you have my car?
He's coming to you; so I wrote

Tommy blows the hole
Tommy blows the hole
For a breeze could kil my ma!
So you saw my car?
Don't you beast up my car!
And kill my emo wife!
So you better call day
He could eat a guitar
But all he said was NATO!
But you are my dad
But you are my dad
But why do you still own a car?
But why do you still own a car?
But why do you still own a car?


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