Colin Mochrie vs Jesus H. Christ (series)

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The Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Christ Trilogy
French Erotic Film | Plan 9 From Underpants | Colin Vs Jesus: FINALE! | French Erotic Birthday

A trilogy of Animutations by Andrew Kepple. Colin Mochrie battles the evil dictator of Animutopia (the realm of animutation) Jesus H. Christ


French Erotic Film

In French Erotic Film, France is screening Erotic films. A windy shaky driver gets distracted and crashes Diana's car. Meanwhile,a UFO turns everything Scottish. Colin Mochrie decides not to star in any Fanimutation again, so the Scottish UFO zaps him. After being turned into a crazy Scotsman, several Animutation characters combine their powers to form Jesus H. Christ. Colin is defeated by Jesus H. Christ in a street fighter/mortal kombat video game battle scene.

Plan 9 From Underpants

In Plan 9 From Underpants, Jesus H. Christ then goes to become the leader of Animutation Inc, and enforcing laws that prohibit the use of Animutation characters in Fanimutations. Colin escapes from JHC's realm of power, and the realm of Animutation starts to forget who Colin ever was. Out of deep space approaches a motley crew of a Green Darth Vader, a Commander Keen Cosplayer and a robot with Trinity's head, all wearing underpants with four-leaf clovers emblazoned on them. Meanwhile, Colin is discovered to be a hobo in someone's room, and is kicked out, when suddenly, the Underpants, who are miniature compared to Colin, give Colin the means to defeat Jesus, training him up for the Kortal Mombat, where he battles a series of random characters.

Colin Vs Jesus: FINALE!

In Conquest of Animutopia, Colin reaches Animutopia, where he sees several Fanimutation characters' heads' on poles and cries. Rotten Apple Joe's decapitated head is seen on a pole reflected in the tear. He goes to the Funyuns' Coliseum, where the main source of entertainment is watching Fanimutation characters getting eaten. Colin kills the giant snake that is threatening them. Jesus is unhappy and unleashes the evil of the Star Wars Kid. Colin kicks him out of Fanimutopia. JHC then personally fights Colin, who almost dies and feels like giving up. But then the memory of his Animutations revives him, and he becomes a giant powerful creature who burns JHC's head off. JHC is revealed to be the Random Pokerap Guy and Colin uses his powers to revive the dead Fanimutation characters. An enourmous crack forms in the ground and he throws JHC's body in. The world is safe thanks to Colin Mochrie.

French Erotic Birthday

In French Erotic Birthday, a party is being held at Teh World celebrating the anniversary of French Erotic Film's premire. The Scottish UFO and the old blue Scot called Dil return for old time's sake. Colin refuses to come out of his dressing room again, apparently having learned nothing from his crazy, crazy saga. While he is trying to convince Colin to come out (and subsequently being insulted by him), Zippy is turned into a crazy Scotszippy. Alex Chiu likes soldiers and giraffes. With Colin in place of Zippy, the group of popular Animutation characters summon Pokerap Kid-Jesus H. Christ yet again, who fights Zippy and has a seizure. Then, Colin kicked him in the butt and Zippy got with the Trinity Bot. After the Scottish UFO crashes again, Colin sings a solo. It is emotional and quite funny. END!

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