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It all started in 2005, when the Animutation Mailing List began working on a collaboration called The Fingertips Project. With thirteen authors, led by Toxic AKA Bob Barker, tackling 21 scenes, the collaboration became a success.

In the late months of that year, papaSKROBE of Animutation Portal decided to lead another collaboration, called The Albuquerque Project. However, since the Weird Al song was more than ten minutes long, he decided to split the collaboration into 3 10-scene parts. Later, in June, Albuquerque: Part 1 was released, only to receive mixed reviews. The reason is that much of the collaboration is done with (no offense meant) relative newbies to Animutation. The latter two parts are promised by papaSKROBE to receive better feedback than the first, and new rules and regulations are put into place. However, since the release of a cartoon using the full song, the whole collaboration fell into disuse.

There were a few other collaborative ideas that were proposed over time, but only one of them (albeit having taken three years to complete) was actually released, and that was the Horizontally Continuous Image.