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Horizontally Continuous Image
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Full Title: Horizontally Continuous Image
Author: See below
Release Date: December 25, 2009
File Size: 125,302x600
Duration: 7:02
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): none
Audio Info
Commander Keen 8-bit, Giraffes, Drums of Carnival, Kalinka Hardstyle!,Teenage Mutatnt Ninja Turtles, [ORCH] Trogdor, RickRoll--StringQuartet
Artist: ZidaneA, Taterlink, LiquidOoze, XXMisterFiyahXX, XementoXek, ReignOverhead, DarkOtaku
Album: unknown
Genre: mix
Language: none


The thread for the Horizontally Continuous image was started by Pandatronic December 29/2006. Within the time span of roughly two-and-half years it accumulated over 151 submissions (not all usable).

Full Author List


Notable Props

  • What can you spot?

Audio Details

  • Exclusively from Newgrounds Audio (click on the songs in HCI title screen to go to sauce)

Notable Words

Here are some quotes from the HCI thread worth mentioning.

  • LordZeebmork: I'm using that Monstar-like thing with the yellow hair in my animutation. It's freaking awesome.
  • ZippZapp: Must....keep....thread....alive....
  • magicpenguin: Everything I continue always turns into snakes. I don't know why. I turned these into snake-like hands.
  • Probo:Boy, ever since I got back into this, I've gotten hooked to it. Also, when should the last image be made?
  • Surn: It's too early to say when we'll stop it. I say we end when nobody can come up with anymore ideas.
  • Probo:The random guy in this picture with no name seriously speaks the truth. CONTRIBUTE, PEOPLE, CONTRIBUTE!
  • Pandatronic: Great googly-moogly things are going awesome. no thanks to me, of course.
  • Probo:King Kong has grasped upon a female stick figure while the Colin sun and the original Kong woman Fay Wray watch. Why is everyone resistant to the lava?
  • Probo: Do ya think this should get an article on the Fanimutation Wiki, despite not actually being an animutation?


  • Many of those that contributed are no longer on the animutation portal
  • The organizer had originally wanted to incorporate a song by cerror (8-Bit Collective) called Pandas but didn't think the song's tone went well with the HCI (Pandas: http://8bitcollective.com/music/cerror/Pandas/)
  • The HCI was merged together into 6 segments then cut up into 44 pieces
  • Pandatronic never contributed a segment
  • References to other animutations:
    • Hyakugojyuuichi: Jay Jay appears flying in the sky.
    • Nya Nya Nya: The Bill Gates picture was taken directly from NNN.
    • Burn Fest: Barney the Dinosaur appears in hell once again.