Speed Demon

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Speed Demon
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on the Animutation Portal
Author: KKyuubi
Release Date: September 16, 2006
File Size: 1.60 MB
Duration: 0:35
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
Artist: Koji Kondo
Album: "Super Mario World" Soundtrack
Genre: Video Game Closing Theme
Language: None


Little quick fast minimutation...well...enjoy!


Notable Props

Audio Details

  • The song is a sped-up version of the ending credits theme from "Super Mario World" for the SNES.


  • The following hidden messages appear during the flurry:
    • Is 24 Frames Per Second good enough?
    • Stop wasting my time.
    • vote v
    • for me
    • Messages
      Hard to be seen
      pause button
    • This is so funny!
    • Pokemon? The thing where the guys come out of the little balls and hahahaha
    • You WILL love the Nintendo Wii
    • We all hate eBaumsWorld (and I hate aBum)
    • You will hate MyNetworkTV
    • You must watch The CW
    • It premieres on September 18th,
    • check your local listings
    • poop
  • References to other Animutations:
  • This is the first KKyuubi flash to go at 24 FPS
  • This movie was flagged on Newgrounds by the Star Syndicate for no apparant reason, leaving it still under judgement, but unviewable. The flagging may have been a response to the SS's hatred of KKyuubi because of his controversal movie Turd of the Week. It eventually got de-flagged and removed by Wade Fulp in a mass removal of all flagged entries as part of a portal cleanup effort.

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