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Welcome to my page here on the Fanimutation Wiki. Hopefully my talents will prove quite usefull.

My favorites are as follows:
GAZORNINPLAT II (Starring the Thunderbirds!)
Chocolate Niblet Beans
Gone With the Wind 1979
A Sticky Night of Love
Earth Vs. Funk
Elvis Not Included
Hyakugojyuuichi Forever
The Japanese Pokerap 2
We Drink Ritalin
Wizard Power
Bling Bling
Captain Lou Albano's Steady Descent into Madness
Plan 9 From Underpants
Sting of the Stingray (To which I have to say, "A SUPERMARIO-MUTATION?!")
and, of course,
The Fingertips Project

Bob Barker is my favorite Animutator... As is Neil of course...

I make my own Animutations as well, posting them will come soon...